Brand Story - Caran D' Ache

"Founded in 1915, Caran D Ache is the only manufacturer of luxury writing instruments in Switzerland. Designed and developed in Geneva, the company is known for a range of gold jeweled pens, lighters, wallets, and other accessories. The products are made by hand by combining traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques. The products are made of high quality as expected from a Swiss manufacturer.

The History

caran d ache brand history The natural material found in Switzerland gave birth to the swiss pencil factory in 1915. In 1924, the company was taken over by Arnold Schweitzer and named the company Caran D Ache. Since its origin, the company is committed to develop and create writing instruments by using the best materials available. Most advanced and innovative techniques are used in the manufacturing of any writing instrument. Some extremely rare innovative skills like the authentic Chinese lacquer are done by hand in an ancestral manner.

Creative Journey of Caran D Ache

The first mechanical pencil "Fixpencil" was designed in 1929, and the clamp mechanism was patented. The first soluble color pencil that revolutionized the art of drawing and illustration was designed and named as "Prismalo" in the year 1931. The year 1952 saw the development of wax pastels and watercolors. Caran D Ache designed the first high-quality mechanical pencil with a hexagonal metal body. The mechanical pencils named Ecridor Collections became the status of a modern icon. The 849 Ballpoint Collection was released in 1969 and was having the hexagonal shape with ultra-comfortable proportions. Fashionable motifs, pure and luminous colors, fluorescent or metallic completely cover the bodies of ballpoint pens. On occasion, Maison Caran d'Ache gives the free field to renowned designers to put their creative imprint on the legendary 849. The year 1970 saw the inclusion of Fountain Pens in the pens collections. In 1974, the company moved its production center to Thonex, the outskirts of Geneva. The company is known to include precious diamonds in the pens, and for that, in 1999, Modernista Diamonds is included in the Guinness Book of Records as "the most expensive pen in the world." In 2010, the company introduced the 1010 Diamonds Fountain Pen. The pen is the costliest pen of Caran D Ache, having 850 diamonds and a body made with white gold. A unique masterpiece made in tribute to Swiss Haute Horlogerie. The company is now under Carole Hubscher, the fourth generation of the Caran D Ache Family.

Products of Caran D Ache

There are several products manufactured by Caran-d Ache. The company is famous for making exceptional writing instruments both for children and adults.
  • Graphite Pencils and Mechanical Pencils
  • Erasers and Sharpeners
  • Pens that include Fountain, Ballpoint, and Roller.
  • Inks and Refills
  • Brushes and Blending Stumps
  • Notebooks and other accessories
  • Leather goods and Bags

Caran D Ache Canada

From the date of foundation, Caran D Ache has steeped in the traditional expertise of swiss manufacturers for more than a century. The company developed another brand named Visconti, which is recognized as an international symbol of excellence. The products of the company are known for the swiss-made quality, subtle luxury, craftsmanship, authenticity, and contemporary personality. Caran D Ache promotes its unique aura, style, and legacy and inspires people to dream more. Explore More Products of Caran D Ache Here"