Pilot is known for their strict quality control. With more than 100 years of history in pen making, Pilot company has shown its spirit of pursuing excellence in producing pens. Whether you are looking at their entry-level fountain pens, such as Kakuno and Metropolitan Series, or their high-end CUSTOM Series which features solid gold nib, they all maintain the same level of consistency in their quality. Other than their quality control, Pilot is also famous for its buttery smooth writing experience and the wide range of nib selections. There are up to 16 different nib types in their CUSTOM Series. From fine sketching to a bold signature, from daily writing to calligraphy practicing, you can always find something from Pilot’s offering. Pilot is also known for their fountain pen ink "Iroshizuku" series. They are some of the best pricing ink in the market for the excellent quality. Pilot truly caters to every user’s personality. For any fountain pen beginner, Pilot’s fountain pens are the perfect place to start your writing journey.
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