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      Traveler's Notebooks for All the Travelers with a Free Spirit

      MIDORI Traveler's Notebooks are the most versatile notebooks on the market. For anybody who wants an all-in-one notebook, look no further than this flagship product. With a leather cover that ages depending on how you use it, you have a notebook that reflects your style, and your journey. Each cover is handmade in a northern city in Thailand, named Chiang Mai. Inside is nothing short of high-quality MD paper made in Japan, allowing you to pursue maximum comfort in your writing. The purpose of the notebook is to tempt you to dare. A perfect travel accessory, you can write down random anecdotes, record your travels, or go to work in style. The inside can be substituted with a multitude of different refill styles, whether you want a diary, a calendar, a pouch, or a pencil holder, there are countless ways to customize your own unique notebook.

      Travel Freely

      The MIDORI Traveler's Notebook fits seamlessly in your hand. The size is perfect to fit in maps, tickets, and any other documents you collect while traveling. Go for a journey with the notebook by your side; furthermore, utilize it as a part of your daily life, make life just an elongated trip. The concept of "Free Spirit" means an absence of limitations. Be limitless with this notebook, and reconnect with your free spirit.

      Personalize Your Notebook

      The design is simple for a reason: It allows the notebook to be customized in countless ways, so no two notebooks are alike. Paste a sticker from your favorite place, or staple a memorable experience. By customizing the notebook, you express yourself, and it only gets better over time. The more you use the notebook, the more the color and texture of the leather change. The leather change is symbolical, as it wears, you should see yourself as a reflection of the way the notebook has been used.

      Types of Notebooks

      Regular Size Passport Size

      The Starter Kit

      Each MIDORI Traveler's Notebook starter kit contains the cover, a cotton bag, a blank notebook, and a spare rubber band. The regular-sized notebook is similar to A5; however, it is slimmer in the width. This design change allows for the notebook to be easier to carry, and easier to write in, so you can journal on the go. With the different dimensions, you can now insert maps, tickets, and way more inside. The simple structure allows for easier customization, choose your own style of refills that you want in this notebook. The passport-sized notebook is also perfect for travel and is much easier to carry due to it's smaller size.

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