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Buchan’s Kerrisdale

Welcome to Buchan’s online store! Here you will find a stunning assortment of fine
stationery, cards, and specialty gifts from classic elegance to hip + trendy designs.
Whether gift-hunting for yourself or a loved one, you can be sure all products are
selected based on their quality craftsmanship and unique detailing.

Brands we proudly carry: Secrid, Rossi Stationery, Cavellini & Co., Semikolon,
Leuchtturm, Moleskine, Vera Wang, Lamy and many more.

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Buchan’s Stationery and Gifts is THE stop for stationery lovers looking to outfit their desk in style or everyday gift-hunters in search of the perfect accessory. Our ever-expanding portfolio of unique products include classic writing instruments, high-quality stationery, luxury accessories, and corporate gifts. But the list doesn’t stop there: notebooks, card protectors, wallets, luxury handbags, jewelry boxes, art supplies, edible goodies, and amazing greeting cards! Buchan’s online store rides with the latest trends and continues to be inspired by its designer savvy community of online shoppers. Add a classic touch or modern chic to your office desk with our high-quality luxury pens available in brands such as LAMY and Hugo Boss, among others. These gifts are the perfect accessory for the loved one who appreciates a beautifully designed object and the rich flow of premium ink. Our shop’s selection of Secrid wallets are a marriage between attractive design and practicality. Made with premium leather and in an assortment of stunning colors and styles, the Secrid wallet will also guard your private information from unwanted RFID and NFC communication. Your cards are safe with Secrid. The Laurige Leather Jewelry Box with Mirror is an elegant choice for storing your jewelry. Available in a range of colors including fuchsia and turquoise, the leather is sturdy but flexible, keeping even your most precious jewelry protected and secure. Fashioned with a small mirror, it's great for travelling too. Don’t wait! Explore our growing collection of stationery items, gifts, accessories and much more. And keep your eyes peeled for the latest trending items in our growing inventory. Happy Shopping!