Rhodia originated as part of a family business known as Verilhac Brothers and was later acquired by Rhodia in 1997. The first Rhodia pad was made in 1934 in Lyon, and the two trees on the logo represent the two brothers who started the company. Lyon is located on river Rhone and the people born there are called as Rhodaniens. Hence the name Rhodia was kept to the company. The notebook manufactured by Rhodia has overshadowed other books at that time because of the superior quality maintained. The Orange cover of the book remains unchanged till today. Rhodia is known for its quality, standards, and timeless designs. The designs are closely related to creativity and innovation, coupled with tradition. The economical pads are favorite for many artists because of the smooth paper and iconic cover. Many people like to use the paper for notes, sketching, and hand drafting. Browse online or shop at Buchan Kerrisdale Stationery stores located in Vancouver and Richmond. We are having a wide range of collections of Rhodia that include Pads, Notebooks, and Spiral books with orange, black, white, and other multi-color options to chose.
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