Guillermo Forchino

      From the early 1980s, Guillermo Forchino experimented with various materials to create an art of his own. After completion of studies, he began creating small figures made from wrapped of brand clothes. The visible parts like hands, legs were made from wax and colored with natural pigments. At the end of 1980, Forchino has chosen poly resins to create unusual comic characters. Humorous subjects like family going on vacation on a flat tyre car, American pickup bus loaded fully, etc. were chosen. In recent years Forchino has created a line of figures in a variety of sports and professions. This series was named as Professionals Series". The average height of a figure is 45cms. There were a smaller version of the professionals created, which are 50% smaller than the original. Mr. Forchino lives in Paris, and in 2003, replicas of Forchino's works were introduced worldwide with the collaboration of Guillermo and VMM. Some of these artworks are prepared as the same size or reduced to 50 or 75% of the original. We at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery got an unlimited and unique collection of original Forchino figurines. You can visit our Vancouver and Richmond stores in Canada or shop us online to meet professionals of Guillermo Forchino like The Doctor, The Lawyer, The Dentist and a lot more.
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