The Midori of Japan’s line of stationery will bring class and sophistication to any office desk. Sturdy, reliable, and beautifully designed, each item is engineered to help bring order to your paperwork while delivering an aesthetically pleasing experience. Office work doesn’t have to be dull after all. The Midori Brass Fountain pen has a beautiful compact design making it the perfect everyday writing instrument. The pen sports a fine steel nib and is compatible with international short cartridges. A strong clip is fashioned to the top-end of the pen suitable for a lanyard, so you can fasten it to a bag or key holder. Over time the pen finish will develop a beautiful patina, lending the writing instrument a vintage charm. Midori Brass Index Clips are the perfect tool to organize your papers, photographs, folders and anything else you need to group and hold securely together. Make clear divisions in your favorite notebook and section your thoughts neatly. Just like the beautiful patina that forms on your Midori Traveler's Notebook, the Midori Brass Number Clips develop their own unique wear - time and use only makes them more special. They are designed to conjure the nostalgia of vintage hotel room numbers. Buy our Midori Brass Pen Case, a stylish way to store and protect your pens. The solid brass will darken over time and develop a beautiful timeworn look. It can hold up to 4-5 standard size pen or pencils. The Midori Brass Pencil is a wooden pencil enclosed in a bullet style case. The interior HB pencil is 7.5 cm long. The pencil brass casing also features a solid metal clip and pink rubber eraser. It is the perfect accompaniment to the Traveler’s Notebook.
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