Kakimori is a Japanese stationery shop and brand from Kuramae in Tokyo. Dedicated to the joy of writing with a dip pen and to encourage longevity of ownership, they create timeless writing tools from enduring materials designed to sustain a lifetime of writing. They design, make, and retail all their products to keep the belief in craftsmanship alive. Designing a range of products, from pen, ink, and paper and everything in between. Their dedication to lifetime writing can be seen in their materials. Applying stain resistant finishes to nib holders either made from sakura (cherry blossom) wood or stainless, brushed steel. Complimented by their durable metal nibs made from brass or steel. When held at different angles, create thicker and undulating lines and paint strokes. The metal refillable rollerball pen displays consideration to both daily function without compromising creativity. Allowing the easy performance of a rollerball with enjoyable variety from using fountain pen ink colors. Compatible with their original pigmented inks. Explore the beauty of deeply appreciated craft through Kakimori items online or in-store at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver, Canada.
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