How to Register your Secrid Wallet for Warranty

Registering Your Wallet for Warranty

In this quick blog post, I will explain how to register your Secrid Wallet for the three-year warranty. Registering your Secrid Wallet will extend the warranty from two years to three. By registering your product online you receive one extra year of warranty on top of the two-year standard warranty with us.
  1. Go to
  2. You will be given a prompt to type in your wallet's serial code, which will be found inside the aluminum protector.
  3. Once you have registered the serial code, you will be given a certificate of registration, which you can save. Now you are all ready to fully utilize Secrid's fantastic three- year warranty!

How to Use Your Secrid Warranty

If your product has a production error, you can either:
    1. Bring it to a local retailer with proof of purchase
    2. Send an email to with your order number if you purchase your wallet online with us
    3. Send an email to Secrid ( with a proof of purchase and follow their instruction if your wallet isn't purchased with us

A Final Few Words

Rest-easy knowing that with the Secrid Warranty, your Wallet will be taken care of. Just for your information, the retailers cover the initial two-year standard warranty and another 3rd year is covered by the manufacture Secrid. Shop a wide variety of Secrid Wallets online or in-store at your local retailer, Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver, Canada.