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SAILOR PEN - MANYO INK - Bottled Fountain Pen Ink (50ml) - SUMIRE

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The word Manyo comes from "Manyo-shu" which means collection of ten thousand leaves; it is additionally an abbreviation of "Manyo-shu" and its meaning people of all ranks.

Manyo-shu is the oldest (C.759) and most revered anthology of Japan's poetic complications. Over a period of 4 centuries, 4516 poems were written by every class of person ranging from Emperors to merchants and farmers.

Manyo-shu is often regarded in Japan as a true expression of the Japanese sprit. The themes of the poems relate to love, celebrations, travelling, the passage of the four seasons, nature, etc. Flowers and plants are especially relevant in Japanese culture and 1500 of the poems in Manyo-shu features about 160 species of plants and 50 different flowers.

Sailor Shikiori Sumire Ink is a medium blue ink with red sheen. The ink is not water resistant, has average flow, and dries in moderate time. There is medium show through, low bleeding, medium-low shading, high sheen, and no shimmer.

50ml glass bottled ink
Made in Japan

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