Work from Home: The Power of Office Stationery

It has been almost a year now with Covid affecting our work-life forcing a new normal where most people work-from-home. Upgrading your home-office with essential and affordable office stationery items can ensure a productive, organized, and comfortable work environment.

Stay Productive

1. Writing Tools (Pens, Pencils, and Markers) It is a no brainer that you need writing tools for your home office. But I believe it is essential to upgrade your writing tools to higher quality, environmentally friendly, and still affordable options. I personally love the simplicity of the newly released Midori B Pencil Set for both writing and doodling. If you are looking for a more sophisticated tool I recommend the Monteverde Ballpoint Tool Pen with its 9-in-1 functions. The pens makes it super efficient to write, use touch-screen, or even measure distances ... it just has it all! But lets not forget the importance of highlighting and marking down existing text. To help the environment I reuse our Faber-Castell highlighters using their Textliner Refill; it comes in a variety of colors to help personalize and organize your work. 2. Writing Pads All these writing tools need some paper to actually be useful. Notepads are my bestfriend for jotting down quick ideas or scribbling notes during those endless Zoom meetings. The variety is endless, from basic plain covers to cool designs for a personalized experience. Our notepads come in a variety of sizes that even fit in your pocket. They also come with interiors that suit everyone's preference from blank, to lined, to squared, or even dotted. Having different paper notepads for different tasks is irreplaceable. 3. Correction Lets be honest, no one is perfect and that is the beauty of Office Correction Stationery. I just love having an eraser on my desk and a quick-dry white-out. My favorite eraser by far is the Faber-Castell Dust Free Eraser in Black. It not only looks hip and contemporary in black, but it also keeps my desktop clean and dust free ... less work is productive work! To continue supporting our environment I recommend upgrading your white-out to the One-Touch Refillable Corrector not only because it offers a range of cool colors, but also because it takes refills.

Stay Organized

4. Document Filing With the upgraded office stationery you will need a new home to organize them into. I find using the Exacompta Expanding File useful in organizing all my documents. It helps me divide documents according to the different tasks within different colored sections. Back to basics is essential; which is why I always have Avery Index Labels and the Milan Sticky Notes in neon colors to keep everything labeled and crystal clear for those stressful work days. I personally believe organizers are a game changer; they clear up my desk space and head space! 5. Staplers and Hole Punchers Working from home makes you realize how we took for granted the office's stapler and hole-puncher! I personally love the Vertical Desktop Stapler by Business Source as it is designed to use minimal desktop space. An essential feature along with its durability and comfortable grip for a home office. Remember to also couple that with either a 2-hole or 3-hole paper puncher to be able to file your documents. 6. Tape, Glue, and Paper Clips Keeping it all together might be a challenging mental task, but our Tapes, Glues, and Paper Clips make it a bit easier! Depending on my mood, I love using both old-school Paper Clips as well as the fun-looking Etching Clips by Midori. While, the cost value of those stationery items might be low, but their organizational value is priceless.

Stay Comfortable

7. Mouse Rug Personally, I love customizing my home-office desk with Fiberlok Mouse Rugs. They come in a variety of designs, give life to my work space, and keep my hands comfortable along with its functional long-lasting surface. A total value for money catch!   8. Noise Cancelling Headphones Last but not least, if like me you share your home-office space with a partner, you will find investing in noise-cancelling headphones a game changer. The Legami Pump-Up Headphones help me focus during Zoom meetings without any distractions, and provide me with a relaxing sanctuary when needed.

Home Office Stationery at Buchan's

To choose the perfect home office stationery for yourself, remember to consider what your specific job requires. Are you a writer? Designer? Engineer? Accountant? Your needs will vary depending on your profession but I hope my list helps you cover all essentials. Remember, choose reusable environmentally friendly products and have fun personalizing your space of creativity! After all, there is no place like home.