Why You Shouldn't Buy a Secrid Wallet on Amazon


The Problems with Buying a Secrid Wallet on Amazon

Secrid Wallet

Secrid Wallet

Secrid Wallets are one of the premier affordable wallets on the market. Known for their sleek design, and convenient mechanics, it isn't surprising they are a hot commodity on the market. As such, there are many different sellers to choose from; however, you shouldn't buy a Secrid Wallet on Amazon.

Buying on Amazon

In an episode of Patriot Act, Host Hasan Minhaj highlights the troubling nature of Amazon. Simply put, Amazon hurts small business owners and drives them out of business. Using Secrid as an example, they are a Dutch brand that would sell wholesale wallets to verified distributors. Once they became a hot commodity, Amazon decided to enter this market. While Secrid preferred their business plan of solely selling to boutique brands, they were forced to succumb to Amazon. Amazon undersells boutique stores to create a monopoly over the product. While a cheaper price may provide an incentive to shop at Amazon, here's why you should buy from boutique stores.

Boutique Stores

  1. You support local small businesses who foster partnership and customer-seller relations
  2. The quality of customer service is higher. We are easy to contact and will always strive to provide the best service as we rely on relationships to keep our doors open! Amazon doesn't care if they lose a customer, we do!
  3. Amazon hurts sellers. When Amazon has a certain product they want to carry, they will always find a way to carry it, usually hurting sellers in the process.
  4. Amazon communicates quite poorly with sellers, which disallows us from providing our customers with the best service, as we are kept out of the loop during customer relations between buyers and Amazon.


Overall, you can choose where to buy; but if you see a Secrid Wallet as a product on an online boutique shop, you will most definitely get the best service, as Secrid carefully chooses their third-party sellers. Amazon hurts local and small businesses, and especially during a time like this, small businesses need all the help they can get, while Amazon can continue exploiting the system. Hopefully, the next time you're in the market, you won't acquire a Secrid Wallet on Amazon.  "