SIWA - Japanese Minimalist Leather Alternative Durable Washi Paper Bags, Pencil Cases and Accessories

The SIWA Collection: A Sustainable, Durable Leather Alternative Made to Last

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Handmade in Japan SIWA is a collection of products made from a new type of paper-based material called Naoron. SIWA Paper goods aim to be an alternative choice to leather or pure plastic options. These materials are used to create personal, everyday-use goods that move beyond paper for writing. 

The magic is in their ultralight, water-resistant, and tear-resistant nature especially compared to general paper and able to carry heavy loads. The items can also be washed. SIWA designs have supple texture, soft feeling to the touch and calm, pleasing colors.

Handmade From Washi Paper and Recycled Plastics.

SIWA uses 1000 year old Japanese Washi papermaking traditions. Entirely made by hand in Japan, creating the wrinkles as the makers stitch and fold the items into shape. SIWA stands out because even the materials they use are produced by hand. Accommodating over 50% of recycled plastic bottles into their original Naoron material.

Washi Naoron paper being flattened
Washi Naoron paper being dried

Who Will Appreciate SIWA Craftmanship

SIWA Japan is for the conscious consumer who appreciates a minimalist lifestyle and simple beauty made by immaculate craftsmanship. SIWA speaks to your appreciation for hand made items created for the purpose to make your life simple. The materials and methods make the accessories vegan and a perfect leather alternative to bags, pouches, and other accessories.


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The SIWA Tote Bag

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An easy-to-use bag that can be carried on the shoulder. The bag has a wide opening with generous space to easily toss items of varying size into your bag. There is space to put additional pouches for extra organization or use the whole space for a trip to the market. A perfect size of being not too big or too small. Has a wide base and can stand on its own. A great everyday or work bag. A small additional open side pocket for easy access to items you frequently reach for. With over 6 kg load capacity, hard to believe it’s paper. 

  • 10 Kg Load Capacity
  • Additional slim, open side pocket for easy reach to keep phone, bus pass or wallet.
  • Firm shape

Book Covers

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It is a perfect cover for your personal writing or protector for your favorite book. You will enjoy having it simply because of how lovely it feels to hold in your hands. Comes in beautiful colors.

Very popular amongst clients, these covers fit perfectly on a Midori A5 notebook!


Pouches A pouch for every need. Come in varying sizes.

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Featured is the snap close coin pouch which lays flat when closed but opens into a box shape for easy sorting and removing of coins. Save your change here and avoid scratches on other items from loose coins.

Other Pouches

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There are a number of sizes to store a variety of smaller items. Some are the size of slim pencil cases to medium and large size pouches

A4 /Multi-Pocket Folder For those that want to keep it simple, organized, with only the essentials.

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Easy, open slits, to put in and pull out items quickly with no resistance. Also has small pockets for small items. A perfect size, not too big or too small. With an additional small open side pocket for easy access to items you frequently reach for.


Care and Washing Instructions

Fill a wash bowl with room temperature water and fully dissolve an adequate amount of detergent. Make sure to completely immerse the SIWA product in the water and hand-wash it by gently pushing it up and down. The paper fuzzes if rubbed hard. Then, gently rinse the product with water once or twice until it has no remaining detergent. Absorb moisture with a towel and completely dry the product at a place out of direct sunlight. Do not use an electric device that uses heating elements, such as a hair dryer or iron.

For step by step instructions with pictures follow this link