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🎉 Exclusive Nib Grinding Event with CY from Tokyo Station Pens on July 19-21✨

Greeting from Buchan's to our lovely stationery families 💕

We have some exciting news for all our fountain pen lovers! This July, we’re thrilled to host a special Nib Grinding Event featuring an expert nibmeister CY from Tokyo Station Pens.


Meet CY and Enhance Your Writing Experience


CY has been a passionate fountain pen enthusiast for over a decade, beginning his journey as a university student in France. In 2018, he founded Tokyo Station Pens to share insights about Japanese fountain pens with the English-speaking world. By 2023, he established Kyuseido to further his dedication to the stationery industry. Known for his meticulous nib work and engaging content on the Tokyo Inklings podcast, CY has transformed hundreds of nibs for delighted customers. We are very excited to have him in-store for repairs and custom nibworks.

Photo Credit: Prakash Narayan

Event Details:

  • Dates: Friday, July 19 to Sunday, July 21

  • Time: 10:00AM - 6:30PM

  • Location: Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery, 2141 W 41 Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6M 1Z6


What You Can Expect at the Nib Grinding Event:

  • Nib grinding explained in a nutshell:

    Nib grinding involves reshaping your fountain pen nib to customize your writing experience. This can result in significant changes to your handwriting, making it uniquely yours.


  • What to bring to the event:

    We have a wide range of fountain pen selections. You can purchase any pen of your choice at Buchan’s to personalize your writing experience. Alternatively, you can also bring your own fountain pen to be worked on, either for nib grinding or nib tuning. Generally, wider nibs are preferred, such as Broad, Double Broad, Coarse, Music, Stub, or Zoom nibs. These provide a good starting point for CY to work his magic. However, depending on a specific grind you are looking to get, the nib size requirement may be different.


  • What nib grinds are offered during the event:

    CY offers a variety of grinds, including his signature Sankakusen grind, which provides line variations in your writings at different angles. Other than Sankakusen grind, CY also specializes in other grinds, such as Flex modification, Architect grind, Needlepoint grind and more. For information about different grinds and their writing samples, you can check out this full list of grinds and prices here. Each nib takes about 25~30 mins to grind.
    *Please have your pen uninked when you bring it to CY.


  • About nib repairs and tuning:

    Depending on your preference, CY can tune your nib to make it smoother, wetter or with better ink flow control. He can also fix bent nibs and realign misaligned ones. So if you have a scratchy nib, a dry nib, a bent nib, or a pen that simply doesn’t write the way you like, bring it in and give it a new life!


  • The process of the nib grinding appointment:

    CY will be stationed at the front of Buchan's. Within your 30-minute appointment, you'll sit with him for a consultation, watch as he works on your nib, and chat about your writing preferences. We also recommend bringing your favourite notebooks or paper and use them to test your ground nib. This will ensure a consistent writing experience. If you happen to forget your notebooks, our store also remains open during the event, so feel free to explore our stationery goodies before or after your appointment. ;)


  • To book your nib grinding appointment (Appointment Slots Fully Booked):

    You can secure your spot by signing up here. Each appointment is approximately 30 minutes, starting from 10AM. If slots are full, no worries! Walk-ins are welcome from 3:00PM to 6:30PM each day. You can also leave your pen with CY to be worked on, and pick it up later from Buchan's on a different date.


  • Parking around Buchan’s Kerrisdale Stationery:

    We have two free parking spots at the back of our store. Additionally, there are 2-hour free street parking spots available on Yew Street and 40th Avenue.


  • Price list of Nib grinding services:


Price in CAD













  • One Pen Per Appointment:

To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from this event, we have implemented a policy of one pen per appointment. This allows us to maximize the number of customers we can assist and ensures that each pen receives the detailed attention it deserves. If you have additional pens, you are welcome to join the walk-in line after your initial appointment, subject to availability.


  • More questions about this nib grinding event?

    Not a problem! Feel free to send us a message through email or on Instagram!