Pen Review: The Limited Edition LAMY Studio Glacier Fountain Pen

LAMY Studio Glacier Fountain Pen Review

Lamy recently released their limited edition "Glacier" Colorway for their Studio rollerball pens, ballpoint pens, and fountain pens. We set out to review the Glacier Fountain Pen, retailing at a little less than $140.00 CAD. After a few weeks with the pen, there are many qualities and aspects that I would like to go over. Without further adieu, here are my thoughts.

The Design

Lamy Studio Glacier Fountain Pen The Lamy Studio is known for its sleek, modern design. The Glacier colorway just adds on to the beauty of the whole design. Choosing a brushed metallic blue color for a stainless steel pen was a fantastic idea by Lamy. The slim stainless steel design paired up with the modern blue color leads to a beautiful design for the Studio. My favorite quality about the design is the ability to use a converter along with a cartridge. Unlike with other cartridge-style fountain pens, Lamy includes a converter with the purchase of the studio. While the ink capacity is not as high such as other competitive brands like TWSBI, it is understandable due to the slim design of the pen; however, the ability to use your ink of choice is a fantastic part of the pen.

The Cap

Lamy Studio Fountain Pen and Rhodia Notepad After reviewing a few TWSBI fountain pens, seeing the cap on the Lamy Studio Glacier was refreshing. The cap fits snuggly over the nib, leading to a streamlined, smooth look. Nothing looks out of place, and the lightweight cap can fit nicely on the back of the pen while writing, without affecting the overall pen balance too much. Overall, the cap on the Studio is slim, lightweight, and complements the overall pen design extremely well.

The Nib

Lamy Studio Nib The Nib on the Lamy Studio Glacier is polished steel. The nib is less fine than the JoWo nib that I have come to love on TWSBI, which is something to beware of.  I used a fine nib, and while I did notice the difference between this and the Jowo, I was still happy with the result. The writing was extremely smooth, with no blotches, and zero to limited skips. The ink flowed nicely out of the pen, leading to all my writing needs being met. Over time, the pen only wrote smoother, further increasing writing comfort.

The Feel

Lamy Studio Nib Pilot Iroshizuku ink While I perceive TWSBI pens as bulky and a bit heavier, the Lamy Studio is the complete opposite. It is lightweight, slim, and minimalist. My favorite aspect of Lamy Pens is Lamy's ability to bring experts among different industries to design minimalist, modern pens that just make sense. As a result, it is no question as to why the Lamy Studio Glacier has become one of my favorite pens. It rests easily in my hand, it's neither bulky nor oversized, and my thumb and pointer rest easily on the section. You have plenty of space to position your fingers in the way you want, and the writing is smooth with limited skips. The pen fits nicely in your hand and can be quite portable. Overall, the design and feel are my favorite aspects of this pen.

The Writing

For the review, I used the Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuji ink, and the Lamy Crystal Ink with Benitoite Shade. The Benitoite color is quite similar to the glacier color and is an essential Lamy ink to pair with the Studio Glacier. I found no writing issues with the fountain pen. While the nib is less fine than most Japanese nibs, and German brand JoWo, and takes a bit to break in, my writing was smooth and transitioned well; furthermore, the pen balance in my hand was immaculate, and I did not feel as if it top-heavy or bottom-heavy. As a result, there were limited skips and no blotches,

LAMY Studio Glacier Fountain Pen: Final Verdict

Lamy Studio Glacier Fountain Pen The Lamy Studio Glacier Fountain Pen was the first limited edition I ever purchased. It is safe to say I am extremely happy with it. Retailing at $136.00, with value only increasing over time, I believe this is a solid investment. The matte glacier color is pristine, and the stainless steel finish only adds on to the perfectionist design. If you're reading this while the Glaciers are still being sold, I would highly recommend getting your hands on the pen; however, any other Lamy Studio will do the exact same job. Purchase a wide variety of fountain pens, inks, and more online or in-store at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver, Canada. As always, thank you for reading and we will see you in the next post.