How to Protect Your Credit Card

How to Protect your Credit Card

As technology becomes more complex, credit card fraud becomes more common. Although we refrain from sharing personal information, sensitive information can be breached without our knowledge. A current ongoing trend is the scanning of personal information within our pockets. Unfortunately, credit card skimming is becoming more common, and easier to carry out. We all have to stay protected, so how do we do that? In this article, I will list a few ways in which you can protect your credit card and personal information from unwanted eyes.

Tips on Transactions

It is integral to always complete your transactions in populated, well-lit areas. This lowers the chance of confrontation as most crimes happen in dimly-lit, deserted areas. Directly deal with cashiers, and avoid ATM's as much as you can. ATM skimming is an extremely subtle tactic that can immensely hurt your pocket. Only purchase on secure e-commerce websites, as scammers can store your information and use it in the future. Phone Call scams are becoming more common, and it is important to learn how to identify and protect yourself from them. This link by the government of Canada can give you more insight into these scams and how you can protect yourself. Remember, if they ask for your personal information over the phone, its a scam.

RFID Wallets

While these tips can help you with transaction security, digital skimming is incredibly dangerous, as your personal information can be stolen without you even knowing. Once you've understood how to stay secure during your transactions, it's time to equip yourself with the best technology to prevent data skimming. RFID wallets are the latest in technology to help you protect yourself from digital pickpocketing. Data skimming is the use of an RFID reader to analyze and activate digital cards without ever touching your wallet. Created to block RFID skimming, RFID wallets are made from carbon fiber material, which prevents magnetic waves from passing through. As a result, all cards inside the RFID blocking case are protected. I would highly recommend purchasing an RFID Wallet to protect all your sensitive information. My personal favorite brand is Secrid. Their variety of colors, patterns, designs, and sizes will be sure to fit anybody's needs (Read our Secrid Review). Shop online or in-store at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver for the best selection of RFID Wallets.