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SECRID Wallets

Secrid wallets are made in Holland with the highest quality by professional people. The industrial design and fashion come together to prepare your pocket essential as a better world starts in your pocket.

In today's world, traditional cash is replaced by smart cards. The quick access patent mechanism provides an easy way to access your cards quickly. The ultra-compact shape allows you to carry the wallet anywhere and fits in almost any pocket or bag. This unique feature protects the cards from being bent or cracking. You can carry only the essential cards or cash and leave behind the unnecessary bulk things.

The aluminum core protects the cards from being scanned from unwanted radio and wireless communication, thereby keeping your personal information secure. Secrid produces some of the best RFID wallets and all can be found here at Buchan's Stationery & Gifts.

For more detail of their wallet, We explain the features on our blog. Click here to see the article.

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