How Do RFID Wallets Work?

Technology is a double-edged sword. As it advances, data protection becomes more critical. Although we refrain from sharing personal information, sensitive information can be breached without our knowledge. A current ongoing trend is the scanning of personal information within our pockets. Fortunately, the implementation of RFID technology into wallets allows maximum security from unknown people gaining access to your information. In this article, you will understand what RFID is, and how RFID blocking wallets work.

What is RFID?

To understand the various threats, you need to understand the technology behind them. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, RFID uses radiofrequency to identify and track objects that have special bar codes along with integrated systems having digital information. This technology efficiently speeds up payments, passport checks, and other processes which involve scanning.

How to Recognize RFID Cards?

how to recognize RFID wallets Currently, most cards have an RFID tag, as the cards have exclusive logos that can be observed situated on the card if they have RFIDs.

How Does an RFID Chip Work?

RFID credit cards contain all sensitive information like name, card number, and other details. RFID chips are minuscule and don't need a power source to work. The RFID tag comprises of an antenna and chip that must come in contact with a reader for it to work. The distance between the label and reader depends on multiple factors such as power, frequency, antenna size, etc.

Digital Skimming

Data skimming, also known as digital pickpocketing is the use of an RFID reader to analyze and activate digital cards without ever touching your wallet. As most of the cards are connected to the bank server, the stolen information leads to easy access to your banking info and more.

What is an RFID Blocking Wallet?

The best method to avoid digital skimming is to use RFID blocking wallets.  These types of wallets do not allow the cards to be read from outside. The wallets are made from carbon fiber material, which prevents magnetic waves from reaching your cards in the wallet. As a result, the cards are protected inside the RFID blocking case.

Why You Need an RFID Wallet and How does it Protect You?

RFID scanners use strong frequency waves to pass through your clothing, handbags, wallets, or backpacks. These scanners skim sensitive, essential information; therefore, the best way to protect your data is with an RFID wallet. These wallets have powerful defense mechanisms and unique materials to block the scanners. As such, size and durability are the main concerns of RFID. Fortunately, RFID technology does not affect the durability of RFID Wallets as the life span is the same as any regular wallet.


RFID technology is the use of electromagnetic waves. As a result, it is quite easy to block them. By using an RFID blocking wallet, you are using the best option to protect your sensitive information. Secrid offers the best and most secure RFID wallets; furthermore,  you can find the latest designs and varieties at Buchan Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver. If you are far away, you can also shop at our online store to order your preferred wallets.