Christmas Gift Ideas That You Can Buy From the Comfort of your Own Home

Christmas is around the corner, which means everybody is hurrying around trying to find that perfect gift for someone special in their lives! Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, it may be difficult to shop around in person. Don't worry! We at Buchan's have compiled a bunch of different Christmas gift ideas for everybody that you can purchase and even send from the comfort of your own home!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Christmas Gifts for Husband

Is your husband's wallet overflowing with countless cards and barely fits in his pockets? Minimalist wallets are currently in style. With companies like Secrid coming out with secure RFID wallets, you can ensure that no information can get stolen. Say goodbye to bulk and say hello to security and style! Secrid Wallets

Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

Vintage is back in style for the younger generation. As an avid record collector and somebody who loves the classics, the best gift I could receive would be something vintage. Thrifting is an awesome, inexpensive way to get that vintage gift for your boyfriend. Whether its some 80s style clothing or a vinyl record of their favorite album, your boyfriend will definitely appreciate your gift.

Christmas Gifts for Dad

Getting your father a classic, timeless, elegant writing piece is an amazing gift. There is something else about writing with a high-quality fountain pen with ink from different parts of the world. Parents love the classics, and nothing shouts "classic" like a timeless writing piece. Sailor Fountain Pens

Christmas Gifts for Son

Everybody loves Disney! Especially kids! With countless Disney figurines out there, your little ones will always appreciate a figurine of their favorite character. Whether it's Aladdin, Lion King, or many others, they will definitely appreciate the gift.

Christmas Gifts for Grandpa

A handmade gift is an awesome way for you to show your grandparents how much you care. Knowing that you spent the time and effort to make them something will be the best Christmas gift they will receive!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Christmas Gifts for Wife

There is nothing nicer than receiving a brand new leather accessory. A purse is something you carry all day, it should reflect your style and personality. By buying her that special purse, a part of you will always be with her while she goes about her day.

Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend

Journalling is common among younger people these days. Journals don't have to be basic. Companies like Paperblanks, Traveler's Company, Peter Pauper, and more are constantly finding new ways to improve their products. Whether it's through interesting covers or different types of paper, your girlfriend can enjoy journaling in style. Journals

Christmas Gifts for Mom

Puzzles are a fantastic way to spend time with the family. Buying a nice puzzle will lead to countless hours of quality family time. With mobility restricted to within family, a puzzle will be a fantastic way to pass time and bond together.

Christmas Gifts for Daughter

Art Supplies are an amazing way to reinforce creativity. With art, the world is your universe! While art is a fun activity, it is actually very beneficial for your health. It can develop fine motor skills, encourage visual analysis, helps establish concentration, and more! There really isn't a better gift for your child that is fun and beneficial to them!

Christmas Gifts for Grandma

Visiting the grandparents is always a fantastic time. I fondly remember having tea with my grandma and talking for hours on end while something was always cooking in the oven. A nice tea towel or other kitchen accessories will be a perfect gift to sprice up your cherished time with grandparents.

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Teachers

There is no such thing as quiet-time for your teachers. They work extremely hard to help you succeed. Finding the time to ensure that as many students as possible succeed, teachers always have to organize their time. If you're looking to buy a gift for your teacher, a  planner will surely do the trick! Planners come in many different formats and will be sure to help your teacher in their activities.

Its The Thought That Counts

It's always the thought that counts. Christmas is about spending time with loved ones. Even if you can't have many people over this Christmas, greeting cards are great ways to show people you appreciate them. If you want to send a gift to somebody but can't give it in person, Buchan's Stationery offers a gift-wrap option and we can write a personalized note of your choice to send to the receiver. Purchase a wide variety of gifts online or in-store at Buchan's Stationery in Vancouver, Canada. We wish you a Merry Christmas!