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Diplomat Parker LAMY Platinum Monteverde Kaweco Cross TWSBISailor pen logo at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver

A fountain pen is an extension of yourself. If you need a smooth and dependable writing tool, then chose the best from our limitless options of fountain pens. The chosen pen should be as unique as you.

Today, fountain pens are considered the sole proper pen by most users. These pens are available in different price varieties ranging from a few dollars to some reaching thousands. Just remember that once you go beyond a certain amount, then you are not only buying a better writing experience, but you are also buying additional ornamentation. Most of the pens use stainless steel nibs, but some expensive pens use gold tip nibs. Any decent quality steel-nib fountain pen writes smoothly. You can experience the best writing from any pen, even if it is of low cost. Exceptional pens can be acquired at a higher price.

Our Stores are equipped with fountain pens from various brands like Lamy, Parker, Visconti, Cross, Midori, Manuscript, Sheaffer, Sailor pen, Platinum, Diplomat and Speedball. Shop Online or Visit our store in Vancouver to get ahold of the best pens in a variety of different color and style options.

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