Brand Story - The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino

Guillermo Forchino experiments with various materials to make the comic figure arts. At first, the figures were made by wrapping bands of cloth and the visible parts of the body are made of wax and coloured with natural pigments. The art always resembles comic cartoon characters with unusual and humorous subjects. These figures are entirely handmade and handpainted by skilled artisans in the far east.

The History of Guillermo Forchino

After completion of studies, Forchino returned to Argentina in the early 1980s and started to create comic figurines with cloth and wax. In the late 1980s, polyresin was chosen as the material for making figurines and scenes that resemble the world of comic strips and cartoon characters. Mr. Forchino also chose the mode of transports such as planes, boats, motorcycles, and other vehicles for his works. The creations were always filled with humour and created a unique character. In recent years Forchino started a special series called 'Professional Series' that includes various sports individuals, lawyers, doctors, and others that have large collector audiences worldwide. Guillermo Forchino - Brand Story


Recently in 2003, Forchino, in collaboration with VMM, released the works worldwide and the products made are available to all people around the world. These products are made in small sizes than the originals under the supervision of Guillermo. Like the originals, these replicas are also handmade and handpainted with natural colours.  

Designing for about 40 years

The products are handmade and handpainted. Now under the supervision of Forchino, the replicas are made by highly skilled artisans from far-east. The average height of the artworks is 45 cms, some replicas are made of the same height, but some are reduced to 50 to 75% of the original.


There are numerous collections available with Guillermo Forchino. Some of them are
  • The Vehicles
  • The Professionals
  • The Retired Items
  • The Professionals Special Edition
  • The Numbered Series

Symbol of Craftsmanship

Limited editions of Guillermo Forchino's works are available for a large group of art lovers all over the world. Each piece is unique and is identified with a numbered series, stamped at the bottom. A certificate completes the authenticity of each package.

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