Brand Story - Secrid

"Secrid pocket essentials are made by combining Fashion with Industrial design. Its World famous Wallets are specially made in Holland to start a better world in your pocket. Utmost care is taken to maintain the quality of wallets.

Made In Holland

Secrid brought the leather industry back to the Netherlands in 2009 by producing wallets on a large scale. Daily close to 100 people work daily to prepare wallets for people outside the factory. The products are assembled with high concentration, enthusiasm, with great precision, and dedication. With the help of these dedicated people, the company is able to maintain the quality of the products after conducting various tests. After assembling, each wallet receives a unique serial number as proof of authenticity.

The Creative Journey

After 10 years of journey, the card protector was launched in 2009. The first miniwallet Secrid Bodycard was created when the first electronic payments were introduced in the Netherlands. The advent of the smartphone gave tremendous changes to the pockets of people in the early 2000s. All the essential documents were shrunk to pocket size. The wallets might carry less, but what was carried was dearer than before. It was during the financial crisis in 2008 that Secrid has become the main focus of the company. It was the moment to follow the dream of building a brand in the wallets with a vision to change the way people look towards their pockets. At this moment, Secrid was built as a Brand in the wallet industry. Since the start of the journey, Secrid tried to merge fashion with product design to create pocket essentials. The company has won many awards for the designs and huge fan following for the wallets designed with passion. Today Secrid products are found over 5,000 stores worldwide, and 100 colleagues work together to bring out the best from the company.

Collections of Secrid

The company produces a wallet for every occasion. Explore these different types of wallets that change your pockets forever.
  • Cardprotector
  • Money band
  • Cardslide
  • Miniwallet
  • Slimwallet
  • Twinwallet

How Are They Produced?

Material Used

The company produces wallets from leather, the versatile natural product. The leather comes in various forms and is produced in a variety of styles and ways. The leather used for secrid wallets is produced exclusively in Europe, Germany, Italy, and Holland. The highest quality of leather and tanning under good working conditions are the main priorities of the company.

Technology Used

The latest RFID technology is included while making the wallets. RFID helps in protecting the cards from being illegally scanned by unwanted wireless communications. There is aluminum casing included that protects cards from breaking and bending.

Features of the Wallets

  • Quick Access: The unique patented mechanism allows you to access your cards and fastly.
  • Thin: Forget the bulky pocket filled with hefty wallets. Chose the slim wallet that can carry all your needs
  • Card Security: The wallet includes an aluminum casing that protects your cards from breaking and bending. The casing also blocks any unwanted digital communication and prevents digital thefts.
  • Match your identity: Chose the wallet based on your taste and colour. There is a wide range of wallets available that can match your personality.


Registering the product gives you a certificate of authenticity. Each Secrid wallet comes with a unique code, which can be used for authentication. Use the link for authentication."