Brand Story - Rhodia

"Rhodia is known for its quality, standards, and timeless designs of Notebooks and pads. The company is closely related to innovation and creativity, coupled with traditions. The pads designed are favorite among most of the writers, artists, designers, and people who like to write on the graph paper. These notebooks are used for hand drafting, sketching, and notes.

History of Rhodia

Rhodia originated as a part of the family business, popularly known as Verilhac Brothers and Paper-marker in 1997. Samuel and Abel Verilhac lived in Lyon and conducted a wholesale paper merchant business. Sons of Jean-Albel created the company named Verilhac Brothers and Paper-marker in 1932 in Lyon with 50 workers. One of the brothers studied engineering, and the other was good at marketing. They both made a perfect duo, and the company was running successfully. The First Rhodia was made in 1934 in Lyon. Lyon place was situated on the banks of Rhone river, and the people were called as Rhodaniens. So the company was named Rhodia. The two trees in the logo represent the two brothers, and the line between them indicates that both of them work together forever. In 1934, the company moved from Lyon to Sechilienne in the French Alps. After Claire Fontain purchased the company in 1997, the production transferred to Mulhouse. Till today the Rhodia materials are manufactured on Machine Number 6. The cover of the book was designed in 1934, and till today the same is continued.

Products of Rhodia

Rhodia is into paper and notebook production. There are various varieties available with the company. Some of the leading products available are
  • Classic Orange and Black Pads
  • Side stapled Notebooks
  • Wirebound Notebooks
  • Books and Writing Pads for Business
  • Web Notebooks
  • Wirebound Notepads
  • Goal Books

Features of Rhodia Paper

Rhodia Pads - Buchan Stationery Apart from the logo and design, what is that makes Rhodia so unique? The features of paper used for the products make the brand more popular.

Types of Notebooks and Pads

The notebooks and notepads of Rhodia come in various forms and characteristics. Here are some of the main things to be considered.

Page Styles

Rhodia Pads Page Styles - Buchan Stationery
  • Blank
  • Graph
  • Dot
  • Lined

Paper Weight

Pure white 80gsm paper is most for all the pads and notebooks. The paper has a smooth feeling and is not prone to bleeding.

Binding Style

The unique style of binding holds the papers together in one place. Here are some of the binding types that are followed.
  • Stapled
  • Twin Ring
  • Stitched

Size of Books

The Pad number usually indicates the size of the pad you are using. The one exception is number 80, which was released on the occasion of the 80th year of Rhodia.

Final Thoughts

Rhodia is easily recognized by the orange or black cover with high-quality. Over the years, the company has included many products with a range of different cover and paper designs. Rhodia is always renowned for its quality and offers a superb writing experience on paper for any writing instrument. Explore More Products of Rhodia Here"