Brand Story - Patience Brewster

"Named after the founder, Patience Brewster is a company that focuses on finely detailed holiday ornaments and hand-painted handcrafted gifts. Mackenzie-child acquired the company in the process of expanding the collections. Under the new company also Patience Brewster brand continues to create its original designs in the traditional ways.

History of Patience Brewster

Patience Brewster Owner - Buchan Stationery Artist Patience Brewster is known for creating wonderful and charming characters that are captured in her hand-made and painted ornaments. Patience is one of the six siblings of a family that loved to paint and create pictures. Her father was a furniture maker and could fix anything, and her mother was an artist cum painter. Her grandparents took her to museums and art exhibitions to create an interest in fine arts. After completing graduation in Arts, Patience worked as a freelance artist, illustrating books and greeting cards for children. With time, she started her own company and began to make ornaments and figurines. "Inspiration for making the figurines is taken from day to day life activities," says Mrs. Patience and adds that children, pets, nature, and others come into play while making these beautiful figurines.

How Are They Made?

First, the drawing of the required figure is prepared. A team of sculptors helps her to turn the pictures into three-dimensional figures. From moulding to painting, every step is made by hand. The sculptors take the details of the pictures and carve them from blocks of wood. Moulds are created using the wooden carvings, and these moulds are filled with resin. Finally, the figures are removed and sanded and are made ready to be painted. The same process is being followed for about 20 years, and you will love to see the detailing. Sometimes it takes up to 30 hours to hand-paint the figurines. The Santa clause is ready to tell the story of Christmas in a colourful and captivating manner.

Products from Patience Brewster

Daily activities inspire products. Collections available in Patience Brewster are
  • Dash Away collections
  • Fall and Halloween collections
  • Nativity Collections
  • Cars & Dogs
  • Jambo
  • Woodland
  • Spring & Easter
Patience Brewster Products - Buchan's StationeryPatience Brewster Collections - Buchan Kerrisdale StationeryPatience Brewster Product Collection - Buchan Statitionery

The Journey Goes On

Known for its distinctive Designs, Mackenzie-Childs has acquired Patience Brewster to expand the collections worldwide. The customers of the company look for products with integrity, handcrafted, unique design, and history. Now with the help of new artists and designers, the company is adding new designs to collections of Patience Brewster brand. Explore More Products of Patience Brewster here."