Brand Story - Parker Pens

"For over a century, Parker Pens have been recognized for their quality, style, and precision writing. The numerous pens of Parker and the innovations have made the company to make a reputation in public. However, it took many years of determination and dedication of the founder George Parker to achieve success.

History of Parker Pens Company

Parker Pen Company was founded in 1888 in Janesville with an aim to reduce the ink wastage and leakage. The founder George Safford Parker worked as a Salesperson in a pen company and saw the discontent among the pen collectors about the leakage of ink in fountain pens. After starting Parker's company, the main focus was to create a mechanism that could solve the leakage in fountain pens. George was successful in creating the "Lucky Curve" ink feed system that drained the unused ink back into the pen reservoir through capillary action. In 1919 after the World War, it was time to mix business with family as the son of George, Kenneth joined the company after his brother Russel who joined in 1914. In 1924, the company crossed the Atlantic and opened a store in London and spread all over the continent in a matter of time. Parker pen company In 1954, Parker introduced the most awaited pen, Jotter. Although it was about 10 years that competitors introduced ballpoint, Parker waits for the Jotter collection to be completed and released in the market. The new ballpoint pen had a large refill and was definitely worth the wait. In 1939 a revolution was made by Parker pen by inventing the ink that dried as soon as it touches paper. Parker designs the self-filling fountain pen, which draws ink from the bottle via capillary action. Parker Sonnet was also introduced and becomes the best seller and is inspired by great models in the past. In 2009 unique dress code is designed for the making of the pens. New style, elegance, and precious materials are must in creating all the pens. Pens from Parker are amazingly super smooth with fast-drying ink. This technology made Parker Ballpoint the greatest ballpoint pens. The new age pen, Parker Ingenuity, stuns the world with its unique, groundbreaking 5th generation technology.


Parker pen has always been the place for innovation, and the revolution started with the design of a remarkable "Lucky Curve Fountain Pen." This true revolution began 130 years ago. This craftsmanship is being carried on by generations in the manufacturing process, developing the people and skills to keep alive the core values of the company.


Making a Parker Pen is an art of creation. Experience, along with technical competence in the area of Mechanical design, testing, and prototyping is required for making a perfect pen. Understanding materials and processes are essential for excelling in the making of pens. The endless pursuit of excellence is the key to the success and expertise of the company.


The founder of Parker Pens always believed that the use of innovation decides the success of any company. So innovation is always given most importance in the company, and till today there are new innovative ideas developed in the design, pen construction, choosing the materials, and shapes.

Innovative Products of Parker

  • Fountain Pens
  • Ballpoint Pens
  • Roller-ball Pens
  • Parker 5th generation pens and refills
  • Ink Bottles and Cartridges
  • Roller-ball and Ballpoint Refills

Parker Pens: The 130 Year Old Company

Now Parker Pen celebrates 130 years of innovations and still going on. Parker pens are used all over the world and also sold over 120 countries. The innovative ideas, craftsmanship, and signature designs have made the pen choice of many leaders all over the world. Explore the products of Parker"