Brand Story - Paperblanks

"Paperblanks brand is the producer of quality journals in Canada. The journals are beautiful, well constructed, and bound using traditional techniques. The bindings are not glued, instead, they are stitched. Even gluing the pages is very economical. To limit the loss of pages, the company opted for the traditional way of stitching the pages of the journals.

History of Paperblanks Brand

Marks - PaperblanksSupriti - Paperblanks brand In the early 1990s, Marks, along with Supriti Bharma, created a unique journal that, in turn, became the first product of paperblanks. Marks was a Writer and publisher; on the other hand, Supriti was a lifelong learner looking to play with new forms of art. The creative energy of both the founders made them go beyond the first creation and expanded the company into Europe and Ireland. People from various walks of life have joined the company giving their individual experiences to bring new ideas and perspectives to the company. The Founders' sense of creativity, curiosity, and experiences have guided the company to bring art, stories, and cultural traditions of many individuals. Paperblanks is not just a journal, it is a group of diverse, passionate, and dedicated individuals around the world. The company went beyond journals and introduced planners and address books. In 2018, the company introduced pencil cases for the children and dot-grid planners for the bullet journaling community.

Inspiring the Creativity and Empowering Individuality With a wide range of products and formats, the company tries to provide better tools to bring out the creativity that lies in you. With these beautiful books, you can express your style and personality and create inner pages with your thoughts. The high-quality journals create precious moments in your life that can be cherished lifelong.

Products of Paperblanks

Paperblanks Journal - Buchan StorePaperblanks Pencil case - Buchan Stationery At paperblanks, the products are created to inspire creativity, expression, and celebrate special moments of your life. Products in Paperblanks Brand
  • Journals with hardcover and softcovers
  • 12, 13, 18-month diaries
  • Diaries with softcover flexes
  • Teacher planners
  • Special notebooks including 5-year snapshot journals
  • Accessories, including pencil cases.

Honouring Heritage and Caring for the World

Each journal or book designed in Paperblanks is a history that connects your experience to a broader artistic or cultural tradition. The company contributes to most of the local and international charitable organizations as a sense of responsibility towards the world. Explore the Products of Paperblanks"