Brand Story - Lug

"Versatility is the key to design new bags. Lug combines fashionable colours and prints with functional and thoughtfully detailed bags for women. Lug's mission is to help the customers stay organized and enjoy every bright and colourful moment of life. Each bag is designed carefully, crafted with a purpose and quality workmanship.

The Creative History

Founded in 2005 by Ami and Jason Richter in Toronto, Canada Lug was formed with a simple goal to freshen up the luggage market with lots of colours, designs, and fun. The brand made its way into the O-List of Oprah's O-Magazine in the year 2006. Featuring in the most prestigious magazine helped the company to establish itself as the primary choice for lady travellers.

The Recognitions

Lug maintained the quality of the products, so it was chosen as the official bag for the Gala 2018 awards. The specially designed bags were seen on the arms of many recognized TV and film artists. The recent Lug Store opened in Baltimore-Washington International airport, showcases the vibrant colours and prints. One more special feature of the store is that there is a unique interactive opportunity for the consumers to touch, feel, and try on the new bags.


From wallets to travel accessories, There are numerous collections available in Lug.
    • Backpacks
  • Crossbody bags
  • Gym/Overnight Bags
  • Packables
  • Storage bags for Cosmetics
  • Totes
  • Wallets
  • Travel Wheelies

Iconic Design Over the years

The Puddle jumper is the best product of Lug and has won many awards and recognitions. The unique design until today attracts many customers old and new. The success of the jumper lead to the release of many other bags ranging from backpacks to totes. Since its inception, Lug has transformed itself as a strong lifestyle brand that includes stylish and smart travel accessories for work or play.


From the hardware details and quality features, the Lug brand products are packed with organizational features that fit right into your day to day life. Lug was born with an idea to provide daily use bags and travel backpacks for people. The brand dedicates itself to people having an active lifestyle. The company now has solutions for everything from yoga to work, wallets to organizers, purses to totes and duffles to rolling bags."