Brand Story - Leuchtturm1917

Experience and consistency are essential requirements for getting quality ideas, which give a strong foundation for development. The Founders of the LEUCHTTURM1917 brand are convinced about the fact that even smaller details can make big differences.

Started in Hamburg

Leuchtturm 1917 Brand history Started as a family business in Hamburg, Leuchtturm has been included in the exclusive Deutsche Standards directory for many decades along with the famous Mercedes Benz and BMW. The quality of the features of the books cannot be matched and are perfect for your fountain pens.

The Hundred-Year Journey

Founded in 1917, Leuchtturm1917 has over 100 years of experience in producing high-quality stationery for people. After being re-established in 1948, the company's international expansion continued, making it the largest and leading supplier of the stamp and coin albums in the world. Now the company is taken over by Axel and Max, the fourth generation to head the hundred-year-old family run business.

Details that make the difference

The secret success of the company is caring about small details in the making of the books. The pages of all books are numbered, and you can find an empty table of contents to make it easier for you to organize your notes. Each book includes several perforated pages and a set of self-adhesive labels that help you to archive the pages of your notes. The pages are ruled or dotted or plain. Details that make the difference - Buchan Stationery

Sizes Available

  • Master Size
  • Academy Pad
  • Medium Size
  • Pocket Size
  • Reporter
  • Mini
  • X-Mini

Products Available

  • Notebooks with Hardcover or Softcover
  • Special Notebooks like Bullet Journals
  • Planners, including Weekly, Daily, and Monthly Planners.
  • Boxes and Magazine Files
  • Personal Notebooks with names or logos embossed.

Premium Quality Products from the Beginning

Since the start of the company, many products are introduced. Some of them like Spring-bank binder still are made in the same way as they were made back in the olden days. Today all the products in Leuchtturm1917 have proved that success stems out from quality and well-detailed solutions. Now the company stands for its premium quality in many countries. Explore the products of Leuchtturm1917"