Brand Story - A. T. Cross

"Cross brand is trusted worldwide for its distinctive style and superior quality. The luxury writing instruments and accessories have been known to be the symbols of success and achievement. These luxury items are the perfect way to appreciate valued clients and colleagues. The craftsmanship of Cross guarantees and ensures that the recognition is conveyed long after the gift is given. The decoration, jewellery quality, personalization, and the gift packing enhances the appeal of the award presented. If you want to give recognition and luxury, give Cross.

Started in Rhode Island

The A.T Cross company is the primary manufacturer of writing instruments, timepieces and personal accessories. Headquartered in the beautiful providence of Rhode Island, Cross is still the proud member of the community. The community was built with the help of Richard Cross, the founder of Cross company. Till today the writing instruments made are unsurpassed in design and craftsmanship just like they were made one at a time by hand in the past.

The History

Founded by Richard Cross in 1846, the company is still creating quality pens and pencils for its customers. The company under the hands of Alonzo T Cross received the first patent in 1876. Cross family came from jewellery background, so at the beginning, the company set out to make silver and gold casings for wooden pencils before establishing itself into full pencil and pen craftsmanship. The jewellery background experience made the company excel in pen making. The approach of World War I increased the demand for writing instruments, making the company get deeply involved in making pens. Now Cross company is the major producer of writing tools over the world and known for the classic styling, quality, and ingenuity.

Cross Brand Pens Favoured By The Presidents

Since 1970, Cross brand has been the official supplier of pens to the White House. Every President has signed legislation with Cross pens. Cross Townsend was most preferred by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barrack Obama. Later Obama switched to Cross Century Rollerball Black colour with medium point refill. New President Trump prefers to use the Century II model.

Collections of Cross

Known for manufacturing pens and pencils, Cross company is also involved in the creation of other personal accessories like,
  • Wallets
  • Wrist Watches
  • Sunglasses
  • Leather Cases

Innovations by Cross

In 1879, the first mechanical pencil was introduced and also held the patent for the design. When people were still in the habit of using quill or dip pen, Cross introduced the first-ever Stylographic pen, which technically changed to ballpoint now. At that time the pen was referred to as ink pencil. The first Fountain pen was introduced in 1930 and waited for the perfect ballpoint pen to be designed, unlike the other companies that released poor quality ballpoint pens. In 1997, Cross company partnered with Apple and made Cross Pad. The pad was used to convert writing into text on the screen. But the gaining popularity of Laptops made the company to discontinue the cross pads. Till today Cross company embraces the digital age by bringing out a broad range of hybrid styluses alongside the classic Cross ranges that have been popular for decades. The wide range of pens available that will make you love Cross brand forever. Explore the Products of Cross Here"