Best Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are classy and make a statement after writing. Writing with fountain pens is considered to be some form of art. Other pens like ballpoint pens, you need to exert some pressure on the pens for writing. But for fountain pens work on something like the capillary system, where the ink automatically flows when the nib touches paper. Fountain pens are always best, but some pens are more comfortable than others. See the list of best fountain pens that you can use for writing.

1. Lamy 2000 With Golden Nib

LAMY 2000 Fountain pens - Buchan Stationery The new designed Lamy 2000 comes with piston operated ink filling system. The pen features 14k golden nib with platinum coating and hand-polished. The barrel and cap are made from durable fibreglass and polycarbonate resin. Having a large ink capacity, the pen becomes a great travel companion. The brushed matte texture of this pen resists fingerprints and has an internal spring-suspended grip to attach itself to any coat.  

2. Parker Sonnet

Parker - Sonnet Matte Black Rollerball Pen - Buchan Stationery Parker Sonnet is hand-assembled and checked for flawless quality. This timeless and elegant pen has a solid gold nib that gives high precision and exceptional writing comfort for every occasion. This classic pen is a combination of stylish and traditional designs. The cap is made of precious metals and finished with high standards of Parker's experience, expertise, and craftsmanship. With its trademark arrow clip, this pen is carefully finished to the high standard emblematic of Parker.

3. Cross Century Black/Gold Fountain Pen

Cross Classic Century Black/Gold Fountain Pen - Buchan Stationery Created by a modern designer, Cross Century Black/Gold fountain pen offers a bolder look and wider girth than the original classic fountain pen. The pen is made of precious metal and translucent lacquer finish. The pen comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee in a luxury gift box. This precious pen features stainless steel nib that adapts to your touch and specially formulated for a free flow of ink.

4. Parker Premium Fountain Pen

PARKER - IM PREMIUM - FOUNTAIN PEN - FINE - Buchan Stationery Parker Premium Fountain Pen is a highly professional and reliable pen with a metallic brown and polished satin shine finish. The pen is guaranteed for two years from the date of manufacturing. The pen features stainless steel nib with parker legacy to give you incredible writing experience. The enclosure is designed to provide an optimal writing angle for both right and left-hand writers.

5. Lamy Safari Plastic Fountain

LAMY SAFARI PLASTIC FOUNTAIN PEN PASTEL - SPECIAL EDITION - Buchan Stationery Lamy Safari is a popular writing instrument available in attractive colours, timeless designs, and perfect ergonomics. The distinctive grip guarantees a comfortable writing experience. The pen features a sturdy plastic metal clip and a black chromium-plated steel nib. The pen is available in rose, light blue, and mint colours.

6. Midori Brass Fountain Pen

MIDORI BRASS FOUNTAIN PEN Canada This fountain pen is the perfect companion in travelling. It's durable and solid construction paired with a super-portable size make it an ideal choice for the pocket. The top cap has a sturdy ring that adds to the versatility of the pen. Matching with the clip, the nib is made of stainless steel that provides reliable writing experience anytime and anywhere. The material of the body is brass with cartridge filling mechanism.

7. Diplomat Aero Fountain Pens

Diplomat Aero Fountain Pen Black - Buchan Stationery This matte black Diplomat Aero Fountain Pen features an anodized aluminum body with groove-like depressions on the cap and barrel. The soft sliding cap posts securely onto the back while writing. The pen features stainless steel nib along with dark grey grip and trim. The nib size is extra fine with cartridge and converter filling mechanism.

8. Lamy Studio Fountain Pens

LAMY Studio - Fountain Pens - Buchan Stationery The Lamy Studio Fountain pen has a matte black lacquer finish with a high gloss chrome grip. The pen features a propeller-shaped bright chrome metal clip and an interchangeable silver steel nib. Features extra-fine, steel nib material. This fountain pen comes with a blue ink cartridge and a converter for use with bottled ink so you can get started.

9. Parker Urban Fountain Pen

PARKER URBAN PREMIUM AUREATE POWDER FOUNTAIN PEN - Buchan Stationery The Parker Urban Fountain Pen has a distinctive style with remarkable performance. With its inimitable design and range of finishes, it was crafted to compliment personal style and elevate the confidence behind every word. The pen is finished with grey anodized aluminum material and rhythmed with etched patterns and timeless graphic tones. Features stainless steel nib and the writing instrument come with a two-year manufacturing guarantee.

10. Lamy Al-Star Fountain Pens

LAMY AL-STAR FOUNTAIN PENS - Buchan Stationery Lamy Al-Star Fountain Pen is an attractive writing instrument that satisfies even the highest requirements. Made of feather-light robust aluminum, anodized in various colours. Features transparent grip with spring-action metal clip. The pen is a combination of materials and offers plenty of surprises with special and modern lifestyle editions. This beautiful pen is an inspiration for writers who want to show their contemporary individuality.


A perfect fountain pen can help in making your writing practice more artful and creative. In other words, these writing tools can make your writing more like a skill-building. A fountain pen can make the art of self-expression more beautiful. For a range of Fountain pens, shop us online or visit our store Buchan Kerrisdale Stationery, Vancouver and Richmond.