8 Must Have Office Stationery Items List

Large offices often have the stationery cupboard where all the stationery stuff is kept, and you can easily pull out what is needed. But what about a small office or a home based business, you need to think and arrange the necessary stationery items required. In this article, we include the top stationery items that are a must for any office.

List of Essential Office Supplies for Everyday Business Needs:

1. Markers

If you are reading a book or newspaper, and you see an essential point to be noted, then you need to have markers to underline the quotes or sentences that are important. These quotes can be used for any important seminars or can be made as writings for your notice boards. You can also use these markers to highlight the essential points in your notes or books.

2. Pens

pens office stationery items Essential office stationery to be kept in the office is pens. If you are a business person, then the essential thing to carry is a pen. There is no excuse; you should take a pen always. Be it a conference or sales meeting or presentations or any meeting; you need a pen to note down the essential points. Also, make it a point to select the right pen that suits for you. Do not go to only one pen. You can carry pens having different inks so that you can change the pen according to the situation.

3. NoteBooks

notebooks Once you have a pen in your pocket, you need to have a notebook to write on. Journals are the essential office supplies and are the best way to store information. You can write, doodle, draw pictures, graphs, and sketch maps on notebooks. You can use the paper in the notebooks for noting essential messages. Notebooks are easy to carry and also do not need much space.

4. Writing Pads and Writing Sets

writing pads Notepads are very easy to carry and can be used to quickly jot down information regarding phone numbers, names, and other details. Always keep a small notepad beside the telephone to keep a note of all the information that you receive on the phone, and the writing pads always keep you ready for grabbing information.

5. Pencils

pencils Do not look at pencils as a childish item. Pencils do not need ink and also last longer. Now there are mechanical pencils that are proving to be very useful. It is to be noted that when every pen fails, a pencil comes to your rescue. Pencils always prove to be pretty helpful and if you have a pencil, do remember to keep a sharpener and eraser.

6. White Papers

White papers always help as a backup, when there are no books or writing pads available. Having some white papers or A4 sheets does not hurt anyone. Papers always help to get the stuff out of your brain, and you can give a shape to your ideas on the paper always. Use papers for brainstorming, drawing pictures, and putting down your thoughts.

7. Envelopes and Organizers

organizers office supplies Envelopes are very handy in sending cheques, invitations, business cards, and even flyers of your company. Writing letters is not a thing today, as all using mails. But these envelopes can be used for other purposes like storing essential papers. Organizers are used to storing envelopes.

8. Staplers and Paper Clips

Staplers and paper clips are the best way to attach the papers. Be sure to purchase a lot of clips and staples to staple all the work or receipts made in one day. Staplers also work as pin removers. Large staplers can be used to pin flyers or other notices to the notice board.


The above are essential things needed for any office. There is other office stationery such as stamps, glues, tape, pins, and paper clips. These items can be purchased depending on the requirement and type of business. Buchan's Kerrisdale stationery in Vancouver and Richmond is a one-stop store for all your office and business stationery needs. You can also shop through our online store for exclusive discounts and offers if you are away from Canada.