10 Best Pens for Back to School

"Schools are starting, and people are busy purchasing their back to school supplies. Picking up a pen is not that easy in your instant ramen budget. In this article, we have made the list of best pens for back to school that can easily pull your double duties in the school. For any student to excel in class, it is necessary to have the right pen and paper. Researches show that you remember things better when you write them on a paper.

Here Are The 10 Best Pens for Back to School

1. Jotter Pen by Parker

Parker_Jotter_Bond Street - Buchan Stationery Jotter Pen is one of the most iconic pen used and has been in production since 1954. The pen has a classic clickable feature that makes it Parker's number one selling pen. Depending on the cartridge, the pen gives you a beautiful writing experience.

2. Pens from Lamy Safari

LAMY Safari Fountain Pens - Buchan Stationery Lamy Safari is available as ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pen and is the most preferred pen for those who love modern designs. The fountain pens from Lamy are a great way to learn how to write with pens. The triangular grip of the pen corrects your improper position of handling pen, and the steel wire clip securely grabs into your notebook or pockets of your pants quickly.

3. Faber Castel Pitt Artist Pens

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen Canada The Faber Castel Pitt Artist Pen combines all the advantages of artists inks with the benefits of a modern, easy-to-use disposable pen. The high-quality brush point works both in straight and bent angles. The light colours are suited to varnishing techniques, while dark colours have good covering qualities. Pitt artist pens have unique light-fastness, and the individual colours are marked with an Asterisk-based code.

4. Cross Century Ballpoint

Cross Century Ballpoint   The pen is winning combination of polished chrome body, and gold plated nib. The tib is Black, medium ballpoint; comes with specially formulated ink that flows flawlessly for a superior writing experience. Whatever type of writing you have, the classic century ballpoint pen delivers its best. The writing instrument comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee and packed in a premium gift box.

5. Carand'ache 849

CARAND'ACHE GENEVE +849 BALL POINT PEN METALLIC RED The basic Carand'ache plain-coloured 849 ballpoint is a wonderfull sturdy writing instrument and a piece of Swiss design at its best. The robustness, flexible clip, and the user-friendly push-button made Carand'ache 849 a trustworthy companion for every pen user. This pen is reliable and enduring and delivers up to 600 A4 pages, thanks to its acclaimed Goliath ink cartridge.

6. Retro 1951 Rollerball Pens

RETRO 1951 ''TORNADO'' ROLLERBALL RETRACTABLE PEN - Buchan Stationery The Retro 1951 Rollerball point pens are fitted with a continuous flowing rollerball refill that retracts with twist-top. The styling of the pen line will be a perfect addition to your pen selection. Available in several different body colours.

7. Parker Urban Ballpoint

parker-urban-premium-aureate-ballpoint-pen - Buchan Stationery The Parker Urban Ballpoint, with its perfect design and range of finishes, is crafted to complement your style. When you write with this pen, there will be confidence in every word written. The pen features Grey anodized aluminum material finish rhythmed by a modern pattern etched with timeless graphic tones. Glossy engraved gold finish cap. It is complemented with gold PVD trim. The nib provides optimal reliability and performance with smooth writing experience.

8. Tombow Dual Brush Pen

Tombow Dual Brush Pen - Buchan Stationery These pens come with a flexible brush tip and work like a paintbrush to create fine, medium or bold strokes. The water-based ink is blendable, and the point retains its point even after many strokes. This pen is ideal for fine colouring art, illustrations, journaling, and hand lettering. There are a various colour option to choose from.

9. Sheaffer Lime Broad Nib Calligraphy Pen

SHEAFFER VIEWPOINT CALLIGRAPHY FP WITH 2 INK CARTRIDGES - Buchan Stationery The Sheaffer Viewpoint fountain pen is a pen with your choice of the nib and blue and black cartridges to make journaling or scrapbooking more artistic. The fountain pens for the artists allows to see the ink colour and level through the opening in the barrel. The lime green pen has a broad 2.0mm tip. Supplied with two cartridges, one blue and one black.

10. Pentel Brush Pens

Pentel Brush Pen - Buchan Stationery Vancouver With Pentel Brush Pens, you could create expressive drawings and beautiful characters. Each pen has a brush tip that offers excellent control while writing. These pens are unique and are a compulsory addition to any artist pens collection. The bundle includes 12 colours, and the body of the pen is made of plastic. The grip colour matches the colour of the pen to recognize the ink of the pen.


Taking notes with a comfy grip pen is easy, and as the ink flows down smoothly, you want to take more notes. Comfortable pens can make children write more this year. For more pens and other school supplies shop online or visit our store Buchan Kerrisdale Stationery, Vancouver and Richmond."