Traveler's Notebooks Starter Kits with Leather Cover (Regular Size)

      The best notebook for traveling, the regular size Traveler's Notebook is a must-have addition for any person who loves to travel. With a size that's perfect to hold tickets, maps, and many more travel accessories, you'll be able to enjoy maximum comfort in all your travels. Customize the notebook to fit your style with a variety of different refills, stickers, zippers, and more! As a result, each notebook reflects your experiences, each scratch is just another story to tell. Each leather cover changes differently over time depending on its user. The color and texture change depending on how you use the notebook. As a result, the regular size Traveler's Notebook is a perfect start to the beginning of unmatched experiences. Shop online or in-store at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver, Canada.