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      Made in Holland

      Secrid is a Dutch brand that creates high-quality professional wallets with all their production in Holland. Their industrial design and fashion come together to create a pocket essential that will only further your style. Since its establishment, Secrid has continued to merge the backgrounds in fashion and product design to create essential pocket-sized wallets. Secrid is the proud owner of many awards, and their fans are increasing every year. Today, their products are found in over 5000 selected stores, and the family-owned business is serving as a creative center for a variety of pocket-sized products.

      Secrid recognized the arrival of high-tech cards and the reduction in cash transactions. This change in the traditional way of making payments led to the necessity of creating a new-style of wallets. As a result, wallet brands must innovate to create secure wallets. These new wallets had to protect the money and privacy of the holder. While Secrid wallets are small, they are incredibly versatile. Each wallet incorporates an ultra-thin aluminum card-protector that safeguards the credit information with their RFID blocking technology. Secrid creates a quick access patent mechanism that provides an easy way to access your cards briskly; furthermore, the ultra-compact shape allows you to carry the wallet anywhere and fit it in most pockets or bags. With this wallet, you can leave unnecessary bulk, and carry only the essentials you need. The aluminum core protects the cards from being scanned from unwanted radio and wireless communication, thereby keeping your personal information secure. As a result, you'll be able to have a sleek, stylish wallet that protects your information from unwanted eyes. Browse online or shop at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver, for a wide range of Secrid Wallet collections that include RFID Mini-wallets, Card-slides, Slim-wallets, Twin Wallets with a variety of color options available in Canada. To learn more about this wallet, click here to see our review.