Valentine’s Day: A Simple 3-Step Guide on How to Make it Meaningful

1. Write Something From The Heart

The power of the written word on some lovely stationery or card has more impact than most people think. In a world where digital communication dominates and often feels rushed and distant, taking the time to write from the heart in your own personal style is a thoughtful way to tell someone - may it be a spouse, friend, relative - just how much they mean to you. You can even throw a little sketch in there if you’re feeling brave about your creative talents. The extra touches will not go unnoticed!

2. Make It An Adventure

Think outside the box and make your heartfelt expressions a day-long adventure! Leave secret notes and unique gifts at strategic locations for your loved ones to discover. Use Valentine's Day as an excuse to be inventive and perfect the art of surprise. The smiles you'll elicit from your lucky victims will be worth the extra thought.

3. Shower Yourself With A Little Love

It's always good to remember that self-love is what makes loving others possible. Take time to honor yourself, treat yourself to something nice, write a few things in your favorite journal that you love about yourself. Valentine's Day is about recognizing what's special and valuable. And your spirit is on the top of that list.

Valentine’s Day: A Simple 3-Step Guide on How to Make it Meaningful