Valentine Week in Vancouver

Valentine's Day is a beautiful feeling and is rejoiced as a festival by lovers all over the world. It is not just a day, and it is widely popular as Valentine week. Vancouver city is full of activities and a perfect place to visit during this time. Explore the local food and spend the romantic day in the natural beauty of British Columbia and make the trip a memorable one in your life. February month in the city is likely to be cold and rainy, but the temperature is mild when compared to other places in Canada. Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th, which is preceded by Valentine's week or Love week that starts from February 7th and ends on February 14th. Each Day of the week has special significance and name. The week begins with Rose day and ends on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Week

The entire week is dedicated to love and have a look at how each day of the love week is celebrated.

February 7th Rose Day

Rose Day - Buchan Stationery The entire schedule of the week starts with the Rose Day on February 7th. On this blossomed Day, people give roses to showcase their love. If you are willing to start a relationship with a person, then this Day is the Best Day to express your feelings to the person. Although there are several colour roses available, red colour is considered to be associated with romance, so most persons prefer to give red roses. On the other hand, if you are expecting the person to be your friend, then you can give a yellow rose.

February 8th Propose Day

Propose Day - Buchan Stationery The Second Day is celebrated as a propose day, where you are free to express your feeling to your crush. The proposal can be made with a rose or ring, if there is rejection from the other side, do not have any hard feelings. The Day is also called a fearless proposal day because you can open your heart and share your feeling before the person you love. On this beautiful day, you could use special greeting cards to express your love. Shop online at Buchan Stationery to have a glimpse of various greeting cards.

February 9th Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day - Buchan Stationery The third Day of the week is celebrated as Chocolate day that comes on February 9th. After giving the rose and getting accepted on the proposal day, the next step is to share chocolate. Delicious chocolates are perfect gifts for your love and an indication that the relationship needs to start with a sweet. Chocolates are directly related to girls and are their all-time favourite desserts. If you are a guy, then share chocolate with your girl to achieve success.

February 10th Teddy Day

Teddy Day - Buchan Stationery Soft toys, especially teddy bears, are a symbol of affection. The fourth Day of the week, i.e., February 10th, is celebrated as Teddy Day. After getting accepted, it is time to exchange gifts. You might have already given chocolates on the previous day, and now it is time to gift something unique. A teddy bear is an adorable gift that can be included to say how much the person means to you. Irrespective of the size, colour, and value, teddies always remain as a token of love. For a wide range of gifts to choose from, visit Buchan stationery online store.

February 11th Promise Day

Promise Day - Buchan Stationery Promises are easy to make but very hard to keep. There is a day called Promise day in the Valentine week, celebrated on February 11th. On this day, you make meaningful promises to your loved one and keep the promises to make your relationship everlasting. Make this Day more auspicious by making promises to your parents, friends, family members, and loved ones. Even if the relationship is getting older, make new promises to each other, and fulfill them at any cost. A promise kept is more worth than a diamond in the world.

February 12th Hug Day

Hug Day - Buchan Stationery A hug is a warm feeling and brightens up the Day of anybody. A hug is also considered a vital feeling to express your love and affection. The Sixth Day of the week is celebrated as Hug day, and this Day makes you get closer to your loved one. A simple hug can say a lot that words cannot speak, and after the last five days of adore and love, hug gives you a magical feeling. On this Day, go ahead and give your loved one a tender hug, listen to each other's heartbeat for a while and let them know that you love them forever.

February 13th Kiss Day

Kiss Day - Buchan Stationery The seventh Day will take your relationship to another level when you celebrate Kiss Day. On February 13th, the lovers share their first kiss of commitment. This kiss means a lot, and no matter what happens, you both will stick together for the rest of life. There are many types of kisses like a French kiss, kiss on Forehead, and so on. The kiss of the forehead is a sign of love, caring, and responsibility. Kissing each other adds a spark to your life and makes your bond stronger.

February 14th Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day - Buchan Stationery After the whole week of celebration, the final most awaited Day arrives – Valentine's Day on February 14th. Valentine's week helps you to know each other and build your relationship. Spend quality time with your loved one and make them feel special. Let the Day be filled with romance and joy that would be remembered for your whole life.

Valentine Week List 2020

7th Feb 2020      -    Friday        -       Rose Day 8th Feb 2020     -    Saturday     -      Propose Day 9th Feb 2020     -    Sunday         -     Chocolate Day 10th Feb 2020   -    Monday        -     Teddy Day 11th Feb 2020    -    Tuesday        -     Promise Day 12th Feb 2020   -    Wednesday   -     Hug Day 13th Feb 2020   -    Thursday       -     Kiss Day 14th Feb 2020   -    Friday            -     Valentine's Day


Be prepared to celebrate this Valentine week in February with your loved one. Make new memories this week with your family members, friends, and your unique valentine. For exclusive Valentine Cards and Gifts Visit Buchan Kerrisdale Stationery Store in Vancouver. You can also shop online here."