TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Review

Reviewing the TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen

We've been constantly asked by our customers if we carried any TWSBI pens. Intrigued by why this brand was such a hot commodity, we decided to get our hands on a few different pens carried by this company. I set upon reviewing the Black TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen to see what the hype was really about. Here are my thoughts:

The Design

I love the look of these pens, the clear barrel allows for you to see the ink and the whole mechanism in motion which is an awesome experience for any fountain pen enthusiast; however, the plastic casing may deter some customers. I don't have any quarrels with the plastic as it seems quite stable and sturdy. While the TWSBI ECO is bulkier than most fountain pens, I don't think that this is a design deficiency, and I enjoyed the larger circumference as I continued to use the pen. The ECO is available in many different colors, allowing you to pick the color that suits you the most.

The Writing

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Nib The nib is beautiful and offers really smooth writing. I personally like the appearance of TWSBI nib better than the Lamy Safari (review), and honestly one of my favorite ones in this price range. The writing felt really smooth, without feedback, skipping, or hard starts. The option of different-sized nibs and the inclusion of the Stub 1.1 is quite satisfactory. I wouldn't recommend switching nibs on the ECO fountain pen as that is a difficult procedure that can end up damaging the pen. Unless you are knowledgeable about the procedure, I'd suggest leaving the nib in place. If you're having trouble deciding what nib to use, watch this video to learn more fountain pen nib sizes, and which size is best for you.

The Built-in Converter

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Piston My one big question heading into the review was concerning the quality of the converter. Manufacturing a piston filling fountain pen for an entry-level price point has always been a large obstacle for pen companies. At first, I was skeptical about the TWSBI piston mechanism; however, upon testing, I was pleasantly surprised. The piston filling mechanism works effortlessly, but I did notice that it had to be lubricated and taken care of. Fortunately, TWSBI includes silicone grease in the box, so there aren't many complaints. For the retail price of the pen, the piston filling mechanism is fantastic and checks all the boxes. If you want to know how to fill the built-in converter, see our video.

The Cap

I love the finish and the look of the cap with the red tip. While I personally like their screw-on cap as it securely protects the nib from drying, I do feel it is a bit bulky and can slightly disrupt the writing balance if you choose to fasten it on the back. While I don't believe that it makes much of a difference, I do believe that this is the one area of the pen that TWSBI can improve.

The Case

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Case The packaging is brilliant, TWSBI is way ahead of the pack with a box that can double down as a case, with essential tools that are needed for pen maintenance. TWSBI provides a wrench and silicone grease to help with the fine-tuning of the mechanics of the fountain pen. I find this uncommon about most fountain pen packages, and providing these essentials in an entry-level fountain pen is a great look on TWSBI's end. The instructions and breakdown are comprehensive and can reassure even the newest beginner about the design and mechanics of the pen. The box is sleek, modern, and comprehensive, which ticks all of the boxes for purchasing a fountain pen.

Final Verdict

I would highly recommend this pen for anybody whose on a budget to a seasoned collector. It is an entry-level price for a pen that is nothing close to entry-level. The durability, writing, and piston quality is up to par with pens with higher price tags than the TWSBI ECO. While the plastic body may deter some customers, this is what allows for the pistons and nibs to be high quality. Not once did I find myself disliking the barrel or how the pen felt in my hand. Overall TWSBI delivered on its mission to create an affordable, stylish, quality option in the TWSBI ECO. Shop our collection of TWSBI ECO Fountain Pens online or in-store at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver, Canada.