Tips for Buying a Journal

"Journal is essential for every person, who keeps the record of every single point that he faced. Buying the right journal is a very crucial task as it involves many factors. The choice of a journal depends on personal preference and also the purpose of the journal.

Here are Some of the Factors that are to be Considered before Buying a Journal.

1. Size

What you are going to do with the journal is essential in choosing the size of the journal. If you want a portable journal to carry in your pocket, then you can go for the slim or mini journal. But if writing long pages of text is your need, then you should go for large or grand size journals available. Sizes of the Journals Range from Micro (70 * 90 MM) to Grander(210*300MM).

2. Quality of Binding

You get irritated when some of the pages falling out of the book. So it is crucial that the book is finely constructed with neat bound. The bound also protects the book pages from harsh weather or storms. Another thing to take note is how you are going to write in the book. If you are writing on the book that is entirely flat open, then there is no need to have the hardcover. If your habit is to hold on the book while writing, then you need to have hardcover as binding to help you in holding the book firmly. Also, a hardcover stitched on the book always looks good in your library.

3. Design of the Cover

Some people prefer to have a simple design, and some need to have an inspirational design — so depending on your like, you should choose the journal. Some books have heavy designs, and some do not have. People also get inspired by looking at the quotes of famous persons printed on the cover of the books and journals.

4. Paper Quality

High-grade quality books have a smooth paper. High-quality papers have high opacity and also no feathering. The paper should also be compatible with any pen that you use for writing.

5. Paper Weight, Layout, and Rulings

The weight of the paper is associated with the quality of the paper. If you have a paper that has more weight, then the quality of the paper also increases. If you are using a fountain pen, then you need to have a good quality of the paper to write on. Journals and notebooks come in a variety of rulings or sometimes do not have any rulings. So according to your need for writing, you can choose ruling paper or plain paper.

6. Closure of the Journal

There are three types of closures that are typically used for most of the journals.
  • Elastic Band
  • Metal Clasp
  • Magnetic Clasp/Wrap/Strap
Each journal looks different with the closures that are used. The look of the journal depends on the closure used. If you have loose papers, then it is safe to use the journal with a magnetic closure to save your papers form missing.

Best Place to Buy a Journal

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