The Story Behind MD Paper Products

Why MD Paper Products are the Best on the Market

MD Paper

Since the 1960s, Midori has created original writing paper designed for maximum comfort. Many people wake up every day and want to write something. As a result, Midori creates paper products that will last forever, so everything we record will never be lost. It's the machinery, the process, the human eye, hands, and thoughts that make MD Paper what it is. A personalized process made by writing enthusiasts for writing enthusiasts.

The Process of Creating MD Paper

In this blog post, I will introduce the various processes that MD Paper undergoes to maximize writing comfort. A wide variety of pulp produces paper with the desired texture. The pulp used in MD Paper originates from hardwood. While this type of wood usually produces a strong paper, it can also be finished with a soft texture. The raw material for the pulp is wood; however, depending on the type of wood, the texture and hardness of the finished paper will differ.
First, the workers disperse the pulp in water.
MD Paper Pulp

Coloring, beating, and water conditions determine the outlook on the quality of the paper. Water is vital in the manufacturing of the paper. Midori uses high-purity water which has been pumped and filtered from nearby rivers. Because the water is natural, the viscosity changes depending on the season; therefore, the beating methods must be adjusted accordingly; therefore, failure to adjust methods leads to different finishes. After dispersion, the pulp is slightly yellowish. The unique skin color of MD Paper is delicately created in order to eliminate any differences which may lead to a lower quality product.

Fine-Tuning the Paper Products

In the process of making Japanese paper, there is a procedure of scooping water in paper stock with a sludge while swaying it left and right. As a result, the pulp in the base of the paper is evenly spread while it flows over the high-speed rotating wire. Making Paper
This procedure greatly relies on handmade expertise. The raw material must be heated and dried to get rid of moisture. Employees use calendar machines to flatten, wind, and cut the surface. Inspectors routinely check the quality of paper multiple times to make sure it exceeds the standards to hit the market. If one aspect of the whole process has been compromised, the entire product will end up different thMD Paperan originally planned. The paper will only hit the market if it passes the required tests.

Inspecting MD Paper

Upon completion of the paper, inspectors will carry out thorough, routine tests to test the quality. This is a tense process as the workers watch their creation undergo a final inspection to ensure it will pass. The test features the inspection of thickness, weight, color, and writability. With various types of pens, inspectors will thoroughly check all aspects of the paper. If the texture checks off all aspects of the inspector's checklist,  it will be delivered to market as a high-quality MD Paper Product from Midori. Testing Paper Quality Testing Quality Testing Quality Testing Paper Quality

The History of MD Paper

Writing on MD Paper

Until 2006, MD Paper products were solely white. In 2006, Midori launched a new product, "MD Paper Cream". This eye-friendly and warm paper color created a suitable match for fountain pens. The balance between aesthetics and smooth writing yields a paper in which you can write comfortably while enjoying the highest-quality paper. In 2013, Midori developed "MD Paper Cotton", known for its soft and gentle texture containing 20% pulp. The cotton paper has excellent durability and storability, eliminating any concerns of deterioration. As a result, many companies use MD Paper for their important documents, such as Kumon in Europe and America. Since the fibers are finer and longer than wood pulp, there is a noticeable difference in the texture and smoothness due to the presence of air in the fibers.


In this article, you have learned the story behind MD Paper, and the processes that each product undergoes in order for us to appreciate the highest quality paper on the market. Shop a wide variety of MD Paper products online or in-store at Buchan's Stationery in Vancouver, Canada to enjoy the best writing experience possible.