Secrid Wallet Review

We've carried lots of wallets here at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery, but I'd say the Secrid Miniwallets and Slimwallets are one of the best small wallets we've ever had. These dutch made small leather wallets have all the necessary functions needed for a sleek, trouble-free wallet. Featuring a lever that pops cards out of their aluminum RFID card protector in layers, this next-generation wallet is quite convenient for those who don't like carrying bags on a daily basis.

Simple and Maximized Function in a Minimal Wallet

These palm-sized wallets offer all the functions we as consumers need, such as an RFID protected aluminum card protector and a fashionably designed leather with 2 card pockets outside. The best part of the wallet is the card protector at its core. The patented mechanism allows you to slide out your cards with one simple motion. This type of mechanism is unusual for minimal wallets as people can question the durability of the mechanism; however, the quick access to cards is definitely captivating. On top of that Secrid assures consumers that the mechanism isn't easy to break, by offering a 3-year warranty. The seamless aluminum casing protects cards from bending and skimming. The outside leather offers 2 pockets that take up to 3 cards each. On the other hand, putting cards that you scan often (IC Cards, Compass Card, and so on) in the outside pocket will allow you to scan your cards without taking them out.

Patented Cardholder

The aluminum body of the case protects cards from bending or unwanted RFID skimming. A lever at the bottom of the cardholder ejects 4-6 cards depending on the embossment of the cards. Flipping the wallet upside down and shaking will not affect any cards, even if you're holding one or two cards. The best part of this cardcase is the lever that pops out the cards, presenting themselves in a staggered formation, making it quite easy to reach the one you want.

Money Clip

The cash holder gives you the freedom to carry cash with you, and Secrid's money holder allows you to carry up to about 5 bills comfortably.


The Secrid Wallet is a perfect gift, it's covered in a small and sleek box. Making it easy to gift wrap or carry discreetly. Send it to a friend, or keep one for yourself, this is a must-have addition to your accessory collection.

Secrid Wallets at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver

If the Secrid Wallet interests you, we have a large variety of different styles, with a wide assortment of different patterns and colors and texture in the leather; furthermore, Secrid also offers money bands and card slides (with coin case!) which are perfect for minimalists. If you are in the market, feel free to visit our Secrid collection to see your options.