Secrid Mini Wallet vs Slim Wallet

Secrid is the manufacturer of the best Slim and Mini wallets. Many features make the Secrid wallets favorite for many people. Below are the best features of their wallets.
  1. Slide Feature
  2. Environmental Friendly
  3. Design and Innovation
  4. Good Quality of Products
Secrid offers a wide range of wallets in many colors and designs. Since the start of card protector in wallets in 2009, secrid has introduced many wallets including the card protector feature. Among them, Slim Wallet and Mini Wallet are the most popular. Both of the products are the best from Secrid, but how do you pick the one that is suitable for you? Don't worry. In this article, we have discussed the main differences between the Secrid mini wallet and a slim wallet. Here we go!

Comparison: Secrid Mini Wallet vs Slim Wallet


The mini wallet is an all-purpose wallet with card protector and added a leather shield. There are Miniide range of color options available in Mini-wallet and closed with the help of a stylish button. To get access to the cards or things in the wallet, you need to push the button. The leather shield styles range from the alligator skin to the classic suede look.

Slim Wallet

The Slim wallet is the same as the mini-wallet, but the difference is that it is a bit wider and there is also no button to hold the wallet together. The extra space helps to store more cards. Even though it is slimmer than a mini-wallet, it takes the same space in your pocket.


The card protector in both slim and mini wallet can hold 4-6 cards. But the extra space in the slim wallet gives the option to store six additional cards. The banknotes and coins capacity is the same for both the wallet types.


Secrid Mini-Wallet Dimensions are 102mm x 65mm x 20mm Secrid Slim-Wallet Dimensions are 102mm x 65mm x 16mm


Both Slim-Wallet and Mini-Wallet have their own set of features and also the best products designed by Secrid. You can choose the one between the two based on your requirement. At our Vancouver and Richmond stores of Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery, we have a massive collection of secrid wallets available of all types and sizes. Don't worry if you are not in Canada; You can also browse and buy your favorite wallets at our online store. We ship internationally.