How To Write With A Fountain Pen?

Writing with a fountain pen is all about taking the pleasure in the writing process as well as the words written by you on the paper. The writing results can vary depending upon the size of the pen, type of ink used and even the quality of the paper used. A fountain pen is different from a normal ballpoint pen, and you require a little bit of retraining to write smoothly. While the ballpoint pen can be used at any angle, a fountain pen can be used only at a certain angle or position and requires smooth touch. In this article, we shall show you how to hold and write smoothly with a fountain pen. Do experiment on the best position that is suitable for you, as the writing depends on the shape of the hand and the supplies used.

Choosing the Right Pen and Supplies For Writing

Before actually writing with a fountain pen, you need to select the correct pen and paper to write on. The fountain pen to be used should be lightweight with contoured grip to make the holding easy. The refill also needs to be quickly filled with bottled ink. Use a smooth premium pad as a writing surface to help the free flow of the ink. Also, see that the paper is not too slippery to write on and should have a relatively quick drying time of fewer than 10 seconds. At Buchan's Stationery & Gifts you can find the best collection of fountain pens from top brands like Parker, Lamy Safari, Cross, Visconti, Midori, etc.

How to Write Neatly With A Fountain Pen?

1. Post the Cap or Not

Posting the cap means, keeping the lid at the end of the pen while writing. This action helps to balance the pen in the hand while writing. But some prefer not to post the cap. Try the best option you are comfortable.

2. Hold The Pen At Correct Angle

For smooth writing, the pen should make an angle of 45-55 degree with the surface. The fountain pen's sweet spot is at this particular angle and also the ink flows freely in this position.

3. Use little pressure on the pen

Unlike ballpoint pens, fountain pens do not need much pressure while writing. The ballpoint ink flows when applied pressure, but for a fountain pen the ink might stop flowing if more pressure is applied. Always keep the stroke light to prevent the nib damage.

4. Finding the Sweet Spot of the pen

The area of the nib that glides with the writing surface is called the sweet spot. Once you have push down on the sweet spot, the ink flows out more smoothly allowing you to write continuously and evenly. The nib is scratchy and skippy if the sweet spot is not in contact with the paper.

5. Use Your Arm For Writing

Most of the people are finger writers, i.e., they use fingers while writing. Finger tendency writing creates pressure on the pen. For a fountain pen, the pressure can affect the flow of ink. Instead, focus on the arm and shoulder while writing. This style of writing will keep the nib steady and help you to write smoothly.

How to Take Care of  Your Fountain Pen

  • Keep the Cap on the pen when not in use.
  • Do not let others use your pen.
  • Clean Your pen and nib regularly.

Tips to Improve Your Writing With a Fountain Pen

  1. Take time to discover the right pen that works for you.
  2. Relax while writing with the pen.
  3. Write slowly to experience smooth writing experience.
  4. Take advice from friends writing with fountain pens.
  5. Practice makes a man perfect.


Writing with a Fountain Pen is very comfortable and smooth once you have found the sweet spot of the pen. Write with your arm rather than fingers. If you have any other writing tips, please comment below. Browse through our online store Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery to find the best fountain pens for beginners from the top brands like Lamy Safari, Parker, Visconti, Cross, etc, Luckily, If you are from Canada, you can also visit our stationery store in Vancouver and Richmond.