How To Choose a Calligraphy Pen?

A simple nib and pen are required for you to create letters and transform them into works of art. With the right tools in hand, you need not be a professional calligrapher to make your writing spectacular. There are many options for pens to choose from, and you need to select the right one to have beautiful writing for yourself.

What to Look?

You need to consider some of the essential points of choosing a pen.

1. Style of the Pen

There are mainly two types of pens that you can choose from
  • Traditional Dip Pens
  • Regular Cartridge Filled Pens
While using a dip pen, you can choose from a wide range of nibs, inks, and holders. But the problem with dip pens is that the nibs are quite messy and more temperamental. With a wide range of holders available, you can choose the angle for writing, so most of the calligraphers prefer dip pen for a wide range of writing angles possible. On the other hand, using cartridge filled pens is much cleaner and convenient as you do not have to carry a bunch of tools. However, you are limited to some kinds of inks and nibs only. The traditional calligraphy inks are much thicker and will block the mechanism of the cartridge nib.

2. Nib Type

In nibs, there are mainly two types, Italic Nibs: Usually have blunt edges and used for the italic, square, and Gothic style of writing. These nibs do not have that much flexibility Flex nibs are round and look like two-line coming to form a point. Due to this, there is line separation as the pressure is applied to the pen.

3. Ink and Paper for Writing

For the cartridge filled pens, it is better to use the ink recommended by the manufacturer. If you have filled with another ink, there is a risk that the ink might get clogged inside. With the dip pen, the choice of the nib is endless. It is advised to use the calligraphy ink with more viscosity than the regular pen ink. While choosing the paper, make sure to select paper made for calligraphy. If you have taken low-quality paper, there is the most probability that bleeding of the ink happens and spreads through the paper because calligraphy pens have the property of dispensing, so you need to choose high-quality papers, you can ask professionals to choose the right paper, that helps in improving your calligraphy writing.

Types of Calligraphy Pens

Each Calligraphy pen has its advantages and disadvantages. Just think about what is essential for you and for what purpose do you use the pen. Are you a beginner or you need a pen in traveling? When your confidence and writing is improving, you would eventually want to try all the varieties of pens available in the market. So we have discussed the number of pens available and also their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Calligraphy Marker Pen or Felt Tip

These pens are incredibly handy and are the new pens in the market. Relatively inexpensive and also easy to find. These pens are generally used for signatures and letters for certificates. The disadvantages of these pens are that they cannot be used for large writings. Disadvantages
  • Pens are disposable and run out of ink. Not possible to fill the ink.
  • Not facilitate the proper writing technique and can be written at any angle.
  • As a beginner, you need to learn the technique, so this pen is not recommended for beginners.

2. Calligraphy Fountain Pen

[embed][/embed] These pens contain cartridges or refill to fill the ink. The ink is controlled mechanically, so you need not dip the nip in the ink every time. The packet always comes with a set of various nibs ink cartridges, and also a pen handle to give you a smooth writing experience. The main disadvantage is that these pens are easily damaged and are to be handled carefully. The ink is also gets leaked if the pen is not stored vertically. The fountain pen is the best for beginners and for those who need extra confidence in writing.

3. Calligraphy Dip Pen

[embed][/embed] When you are using a Dip pen for the first time, then it would be very uncomfortable and awkward. When you are buying a calligraphy dip pen, always go for the set that includes a couple of nibs with reservoirs and a beautiful pen holder. Here are some of the tips to make the writing with dip pen more comfortable.
  • Always look for the sloped writing surface as it is difficult for the ink to flow in a vertical direction.
  • Always have the ink bottle open to write fast.
  • Do not place the pen on the ink bottle.
A Dip or Quill Pen is the best option for the person who has mastered writing with a fountain pen and is looking for more flexibility and challenges.

4. Calligraphy Brushes

[embed][/embed] A person using a Calligraphy brush is a Pro. Using a brush is the most challenging way of practicing calligraphy. The brushes are very thin and measure between 6 to 20 millimeters and are made of either sable or nylon. The use of brushes is a different experience. The brush runs out of ink very quickly, and it is challenging to write with a brush. The calligrapher should have a lot of patience, experience, and a lot of control over the brushes to create exciting works.
  • Calligraphy Pen-Based on the experience
  • For Beginners: Cartridge or Fountain Pen
  • In Traveling: Felt Tip Pen or Marker
  • A person on a Budget: Marker or Fountain
  • Advanced Calligrapher: Brush
  • Kids: Markers or Pencils


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