How to Care for the Leather of your Notebook

Caring for the Leather of a Traveler's Notebook

A notebook is an essential accessory. It stays with you and is a place for all your thoughts. You must take care of your notebooks so they can last long, and continue being a part of your life to the point where you feel as it is an extension of your mind. The Traveler's Company creates Traveler's Notebooks which are the perfect style of notebooks for you to carry with you wherever you travel. With their leather covers and high-quality paper, you have a notebook that reflects not only your thoughts but your style. As a result, you must take care of the notebook so you can continue using it for years. In this blog post, I will explain how to care for the leather of the Traveler's Notebooks so they can stay with you wherever you go.

Introduction to the Notebook

Traveler's Notebook: How to Care for the Leather The Traveler's Notebook consists of vegetable-tanned cow leather made in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A difficult process, vegetable-tanned leather shows wrinkles and scratch marks easily; however, it is environmentally friendly and has an authentic allure where it magnificently changes over time. The leather used for the Traveler's Notebook contains seeped oil inside, softening the finish, giving an all-natural feeling. While there may be some small scratches and wrinkles on the cover, over time, the color will deepen; therefore, the scratches will be harder to spot. The dye of the leather is natural, leaving a risk of the color transferring to a nearby object when the notebook becomes wet. This can happen through rain or sweat, leaving the possibility of the color transferring to your clothes, or bag; therefore, it is instrumental to be aware of the conditions of the notebook. In the case the notebook gets wet, use a soft, dry cloth to absorb the water-soaked inside, and dry in the shade. Avoid using water, benzene, or thinner for this leather. Please be aware of any foreign objects on the leather, such as moisture, dirt, or sweat. Store in a dry place, and prevent the leather from sticking to other leather items and vinyl products. The tension of the rubber band can be adjusted by changing the knot position, allowing you to adjust to your preferred length.

How to Care for the Leather

Traveler's Notebook Leather Covers Black & Brown Upon the first opening of the package, you may notice a white powder-like substance on the notebook cover. This is just oil appearing from changes in temperature. As a result, it will disappear if you warm the surface using a hairdryer, or wipe it with a cloth. Moreover, if the oil smell bothers you, dry the notebook in a dark and cool environment for a couple of days. This will reduce the smell to an extent. Care For Traveler's Notebook Leather Over time, the powdery oil will blend into the leather; however, if you are still worried, it will disappear with heat. Maintaining Traveler's Notebook Leather with cream The Traveler's Notebook can be used without maintaining; nevertheless, if you're worried about the scratch marks of the leather drying up, you can use leather creams sold from third-parties. By doing this, the color of the leather will deepen, and become more polished. This process will prevent scratch marks from becoming visible. Prior to attempting this, please try on a part that isn't easily noticeable. Traveler's Notebook Leather covers: Black, Brown, & Camel In the photo above, the darker part is where the leather cream was applied. Traveler's Notebook with maintained leather Above is an example of a Traveler's Notebook that has been in use for five years. The best part about these notebooks is that depending on how you use them, the expression and texture of the leather varies. The Traveler's Notebook is for life and deserves to be maintained as an important accessory. In this post, you have learned all the tools needed to care for the leather, and we hope that you will embrace this one of a kind notebook. Shop our collection of Traveler's Notebooks online or in-store at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver, Canada.