Fountain Pen Gold Nib

There are many different materials used for fountain pen nibs but why is gold such a popular metal to make fountain nibs? Today, we'll explain the different materials for fountain pen nibs and how to select THE fountain pen for you.

Why gold nib?

There are 2 main reasons why gold is a popular metal for fountain pen nibs. One of the main reasons is related to fountain pen ink. Fountain pen inks are made from chemical and their pH can vary from strong acid to base which causes the fountain pen nib tips to corrode. Therefore, golds are ideal to make fountain pen nibs due to their strong resistance to metal corrosion. The second reason is because of its flexibility. Gold is known as a soft metal and the flexibility of gold nibs provides a smooth writing experience. Additionally, one of the attractive factors of a gold nib is that it will adjust to one's style of handwriting with use.

Difference between solid gold and plated gold nib

23k gold plated nib. Be careful when you see the words "gold plated" if you're looking for a gold nib. Gold plated nib is a thin layer of gold over a steel nib. Since it is not made from solid gold, it doesn't provide a soft writing feel of a gold nib and writes just like stainless steel nib. Those gold-plated fountain pens usually say "gold plated" on a pen or the instruction manual.   

Writing experience of gold nibs


Price Point


Considering the corrosion of metals,  gold nibs are totally worth the price. Especially,  you're planning to use the same pen for a long time. The fascinating thing about fountain pens is they can be passed on to the next generations."