5 Things Everyone Should Track in their 2018 Planner

Welcome to the New Year!

For many people, January 1st brings with it renewed energy, optimism, and excitement for the months ahead.

If you haven't already begun planning your year, now is a great time to start laying out your dreams, goals, and wishes.  And if you haven’t already bought your favorite 2018 planner, you better head to your stationery store before they’re all snapped up! (trust me, I see it happen EVERY year)

Here are some things to track in your planner, so you get the most out of 2018:

Gratitude List

A positive mindset is the best thing you can do for yourself. Get creative with your lists using colored pens & stickers. Your brain and heart will thank you.

Major Annual Goals

Major Annual Goals

Goal setting is critical if you want to hit those milestones in your life. From a birds-eye view of your year, highlight the days or months where a major goal is set to be reached. Keeping those important dates in mind will keep the fire going in your belly.

Action Plans

Goals, large or small, are hard to reach when there's no action plan to get there. If your goal is to travel more in 2018, make a list of the steps you need to take to get there in your planner. Likely, you'll discover there are quite a few ducks you need to get in a row before a dream is possible. Knowing them now will ensure you don't get stuck in the future.

Reading List

Year after year I hear people say they want to read more but can never get around to it. Truth is, with so many things vying for your time, taking a moment to hunker down into a good book requires focus and intention. Pool your friends and favorite blogs to get recommendations for must-reads then make a list in your planner. Nothing more gratifying than getting to the last page of a good book and knowing you stuck it through to the last possible moment.


If you haven't already recorded all your accomplishments from 2017 in your planner, DO IT NOW! From learning to make truffles, to ending a bad relationship, to nabbing that great job, no accomplishment is too big or too small. You'll be surprised to see how much you gained from the previous year and how strong and determined you are becoming.