Ferris Wheel Press Ink Review by a Stationery Worker (with Ink Swatches)

This is a review of Ferris Wheel Press inks with a break down of first impressions and general observations. Including pictures, and swatches of their extensive ink collections. 

ferris wheel press ink sample

About Ferris Wheel Press

Ferris Wheel Press is a Canadian design and stationery company originating out of Markham, Ontario, Canada.  Besides the inks, they make a number of high quality, complimenting stationery like their 'Brush' Fountain Pen and other paper products.

ferris wheel press ink bottle

Ink Characteristics and First Impressions

What is immediately striking is the wide array of colors and shades of ink that are available. With many colors to choose from, there is definitely a color for every mood and personality.

They are water-based inks and are not water-resistant but they generally have great shading - as I was layering with a cotton swab you can see why people can use these inks for more than just writing, they work great for drawing and art, too.

Something to note - with the lighter-colored inks, they may look very light as you are applying the ink on the paper but after it dries, it does become darker, so no need to worry about whether the ink will look as light as it did when you were writing. 

With the buildable layering it is very easy to get richer, deeper, darker color to create shading and a three-dimensional look.

ferris wheel press ink bottle

Ways to Use

Writing - Calligraphy - Hand lettering - Wordsmithing - Drawing - Art

General Information

Bottle Sizes - Ferris Wheel Inks come in 3 different sizes - 85ml and 38ml bottles, and 5ml vials called an ink "charger".   ferris wheel press ink bottle sizes *note: The 85 ml bottles don't have the ink names printed on them so it's best to keep it in its respective box or mark it with a label. It's important to note that the type of paper you use will affect the way the ink looks. Keep an eye out for another blog about Fountain pen-friendly paper!

Ferris Wheel Press Ink Swatches

Categorized by their collections, these swatches will help you get a realistic idea of how these inks actually look in real life.

Freshly Squeezed Collection

Definitely my favourite collection of what was swatched - all the colors are rich and exceptionally vibrant, including the yellow!

Gourmet Summer Collection


Autumn In Ontario Collection


High Tea Collection

"Strawberry Macaron" Ferris wheel ink swatch 4) Strawberry Macaron
"Sweet Honeydew" Ferris wheel ink swatch 5) Sweet Honeydew

Twilight Garden Collection

Morningside Collection


Home & Holly Collection

The Original Trio Collection

The Bookshoppe Collection

"Storied Blue" Ferris wheel ink swatch Storied Blue