Brand Story - Faber Castell

Headquartered in Cleveland, Faber Castell is a family business that started in Germany, now distributing its products all over the world. In 2004 the company moved to the USA and to support the massive production demand coming from overseas.

History Of Faber-Castell

Established in 1761, the company is one of the oldest companies in the world. The company is leading manufacturers of a wide range of pencils used for writing, drawing, creative designs, and decorative cosmetics also. For instance, the Products of Faber Castell are of high quality, innovative, and environmentally friendly.

The Creative Journey

Having over 14 production sites in over 10 countries, the company is celebrating 250 years of making world-class writing instruments for the kids and adults. In 2011, the company acquired Creativity for kids, a brand that is established by two women thereby encouraging the kids to make art a hobby. Today Faber-Castell markets its products over 120 different countries with the help of 25 sales and distribution organizations. Moreover, Creativity for Kids is represented in 50 various countries around the world and has received many awards from various organizations and recognition in national publications. Till today Faber Castell believes that longevity of any company depends on the quality experience. Above all, there is consistent delivery of the products.

Products Of Faber Castell

  • Pencils
  • Rollerball, Ballpoint, and Fountain Pens
  • Artist Pens
  • Calligraphic Pens
  • Watercolor Pencils and Markers
  • Sharpeners and Erasers
  • Gift Sets
  • Paints and Paint Brushes, and many more. The above products are available at our Buchan Kerrisdale Stationery stores in Vancouver and Richmond. You can also shop online.

Climate Neutral Company

The company is the largest producer of wood case pencils and utilizing about 15000 tons of wood every year. Above all, global warming and environmental responsibility resulted in the development of a forestry project 3 decades ago. Once a wasteland in Brazil is now full of Pinus Caribaea trees. These trees collectively grow about 20 cubic meters of wood every hour, therefore, guarantee the supply of wood. Explore Faber Castell Products Here