Best Pens for Bullet Journal

Picking the right pen can completely transform your bullet journaling experience. Some pens are made for precise writing and some for adding colorful details to your journal. If calligraphy is your interest, then you need to have brush pens suitable for calligraphy art writing. You should also include normal pens for daily writing in the journal.

How to Choose the Best Pens for Your Bullet Journal?

Before purchasing the pen for your journal, you need to determine the main purpose of the pen. Is the pen used for writing or drawing? The pen should be more precise or to do abstract work? Is the pen used for part of a journal or the entire journal? You need to ask yourself these questions before actually buying the pen. If you are making journaling as a hobby, then you need to have a variety of colors to make the bullet journal more interesting and colorful. In this article, we have jotted down some of the pens that are perfect for various journaling styles, creating page spreads, and adding decorative items for your journal. Pens with different nib sizes can be used to create line and strokes of varying thickness. No matter what is the style or preference, you will find here the best pens for writing.

1. Paper Mate Pens

When sorting out the best pens for writing, Papermate pens always have a special place reserved. Till today these pens are the favorites for most of the people in their school and college days. There are different thickness available in the pens and have great value for money. Another pen available in Papermate is the Flair Porous point pen. This pen gives you the perfect grip and comes in 8 various shades. The ink of the pens is strong and does not bleed through the pages while writing. The pen is made of ultrafine tips, making the writing more smooth and clear. This pen is best for precise writing and fine details in the sketches.

2. Faber Castle Pitt Artist Pens

If drawing and detailing is your passion, then Faber Castle Pitt Artist Pens are the perfect choice for you. Made in different styles, colors, and medium heft felt tip. The colors are mostly black and grey, allowing you to create complex structures accurately. The finishing of the pen is precise and waterproof. Some colors in the pens are, and the details made by the pen are next to the professional finishing. The brush tips are consistent.

3. Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Your bullet journaling can become fun if you made the letters with brushes, and now the brush lettering is gaining pace, and the journal becomes more colorful and exciting. For the full range of brush pens available, Tombow brush pens are the perfect choice for those who have been writing the brush letters for so many days. The colors of the brushes can also be combined to form new shades and give new satisfaction for artistic bullet journal writers. You can easily create complex structures and designs using these pens, but the designs and letters tend to fade off after a long time. The tips of the pens are strong for heavy use, and the black ink very wonderful to create complex and beautiful elements.

4. Pentel Aquash Water Pens

If you want a splash of watercolors in your journal, then Pentel Aquash Water Pen is the perfect choice for you. With these pens, it is easy to splash colors on your journal without any fuss. You can also handle lots of books and journals with the help of these water pens. Pocket Brush pens are also available with flexible brush tip to make the writing more comfortable and colorful. Using brush pens, you can create line variations and various texture. These portable brushes are easy to carry and are ideal for painting on the location. The ink used is waterproof and does not fade.

5. Lamy All-Star Pens

Lamy Fountain Pens are one of the best pens for writing on the journal with easy to replace cartridges. The body window viewing option allows you to see the level of ink every time. There is a wide range of colors to choose from and write thicker than ordinary pens. Although a bit expensive, the pen has a solid flow of ink, that is super easy to write and read.


The above pens are among the best pens for a bullet journal. You need to pick the pen of your choice and start writing to make yourself more comfortable. You can order the above pens via our online stationery store. At Buchan Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver and Richmond, we got a huge collection of bullet journal accessories available.