A Novice's review of the LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

Reviewing the LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

The Introduction

Today I will review the LAMY Safari Fountain Pen, retailing at 41.99$ CAD at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery Store in Vancouver. Before I begin, I have to admit that my knowledge of pens is not the greatest. I just take the first thing I see on the shelf. Most of the time I either use a laptop or write math equations. So I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when I was tasked with writing a review. I've only owned one fountain pen in my life and I seemed to enjoy it, so I was pretty excited to test the LAMY pen out.

The Colors

I love the colors. There's such a wide assortment to choose from, that I was easily able to select my favorite color. Although it seems unorthodox to sell fountain pens that are on the color spectrum, I really love the idea! It's a fresh new look at an industry that is common among older generations. LAMY does a fantastic job of marketing its products that appeal to a younger generation; therefore, making the pens look flashy doesn't hurt. I may also add that there's a wide variety of different inks to use, giving LAMY the advantage over other companies who use the conventional black and blue inks. I would definitely give this a  10/10.

The Design

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen with a notebook At first glance, the pen does seem a bit basic. As I dissected it a bit more, I really enjoyed the minimalistic design, and while different pens have different colors and textures depending on price, I really enjoyed the matte design, which is pristine. I like how the pen isn't fully cylindrical, adding an unorthodox style that feels comfortable in your hand. Upon dissection, we can certainly see the german engineering that is in play. The thumb rests are extremely pleasant, and while I struggle with blisters when writing, this is definitely a pen that can ensure I am the most comfortable. I would caution that if your hands are quite large, it may be less pleasant, but that is usually the case with most writing utensils. Because the design seems basic upon first glance, I scored the design a bit lower, giving it an 8.5/10.

The Feeling

This is a huge upgrade from the cheaper pens that I am used to. The ink is really smooth, and there's virtually no ink splotches, something I experienced with my previous fountain pen. Upon writing, I was taken aback by how effortless my writing was. Combined with how it rested upon my hand, I really enjoyed the experience. The pen is really fine and precise, and there were virtually zero discrepancies within my writing. While I still have a quarrel with the pen being slightly uncomfortable for those with large hands, I'd definitely give the feeling an 8/10.


Now while I'm one to use Bic pens and just throw them away once the ink starts faltering just a bit, I really enjoyed how long I was able to use this pen. Even after you run out of ink, you can buy a refill and it works like new. For some reason, I had some sort of attachment to this pen as I used it much longer than any other before, and continue to use it as I write this review. I tentatively held the pen, fearing to break it as I did with my previous pen. After a while, I have to admit that LAMY reassured me that I wouldn't break the pen with their design. The life-length and the ability to refill gives the durability a grade of 9/10.


The fountain pen I reviewed is retailed at 41.99$ CAD. But prices can go up to 99.99$ CAD for more deluxe options, colors, etc..  I do believe that its durability makes it a better investment than regular ballpoint pens. Compared to other fountain pens, I would say the price is fair, and for its quality, it's definitely worth it. I'd give it an 8.5/10.

Final Tally: 44/50 (A)

Writing with the LAMY Safari Fountain Pen Overall, I would definitely recommend the LAMY Safari Fountain Pen to those in the market. While the price may turn away some customers, I would like to state that the durability, ink efficiency, color variability, and the ability to refill the ink without throwing the pen away, would give a return on your investment. That's what the LAMY Pen is. A strongly designed, stylish pen that will last you a long time.